Duplex board machine 2590 mm

PM carton board

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Duplex board machine 2590 mm
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Duplex Board Machine
2590 mm
75 / 80 tpd


Pulper: One pulper for the top and one for the bottom. Two different lines

Max width at pope: 2590 mm
9 forming cylinders (diameter: 1250 mm)
Capacity: 75/80 Tpd
Speed: 17 to 60 m/min
Grammage: 320 - 1000 gsm
Product: white/white, grey/grey, brown/grey, white/grey
N°26 dryer cylinders (diameter: 1500 mm) MG cylinder (diameter: 3500 mm) Hood by Brunnschweiler.
QCS: first scanner before dryer section with Sr90 head for grammage and moisture; second scanner before pope, Kripton head
5/6 pope spools
Machine can work with pope winder or bypass the pope and cut directly sheets on a Pizzolato sheet cutter Duplex.

The PM is ready for being removed.

The PM was built in 1979 and renovated, for the first time, in 1988 when we decided to add 5 dryer cylinders to the dryer section and substitute the sheet cutter.

The second big revamping of this machine was done at the end of 2015 in order to improve the quality of the cardboard, to speed up the production and reduce the inefficiencies.
- It was added 2 forming cylinders, and a suction press to the forming section, the stock preparation was importantly improved adding new Kadant’s deflaking and separation systems (hydrapurge, floatpurge, UK300, Liquid Cyclone and a Junk trap).
- In 2015 the electric system, panels, DCS and QCS software, for the automatization of the process. Brand new electric cabins for PM and stock preparation too were totally changed. New software that operates the machine and the stock preparation as well (entire system powered by Eil srl).
- The Steam system was powered by Deublin italiana. It was completely rebuilt, changing joints and siphons for steam and condensate removal. everything operated by Eil Software.
- It has choosen Kadant’s stock preparation changing from a refining stock prep to a deflaking one that helped us to eliminate large particles from broke and keeping the technical resistance of the fibers.
- For the revamping of the wet part we decided to work with local mechanical workshops.

The quality was improved. The cardboard had no wrinkles, very smooth surface and really clean if you consider raw materials that it used to use (urban waste).
The 400gsm for example, was used for premium oil boxes dividers. For its smooth surface was perfect for high level Oils and wines and prosecco. Used to protect by remaining tight and restricting the movement of the primary product during transit, this was really important to not abrade the labels, especially for premium product.

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