Ballenpress Paal Linkon 110/150 with feeding belt

Bale presses

Technical data:

Ballenpress Paal Linkon 110/150 with feeding belt
Article No.:
Linkon 110/150 - Conveyor KES-1900


Used bale press made by company Paal Germany

Length: 14600mm

width: 2800mm

Height (with belt feeding hopper): 5670mm

Machine weight: 28-30 tons

feed opening: 1020 x 1980 mm

channel cross section HxW: 1100x 1100 mm

Bale length: up to 2500 mm

Sidewalls: Hardo x steel

Walk-on surface and access ladder Press shaft: Yes 

belt infeed hopper: Yes

Hydraulic channel adjustment: Yes

Large bale feeder: Yes

Bale weight: 1.250- 1.350 kg (at 2.100mm bale length)

pressing force: 1500 kN(at 270 bar)

Piston diameter: 180mm

Working pressure: 270 bar

Maximum pressure: 300 bar

Volume output under idle: ca.890m³/h
Volume output under working volume: ca.440m³/h

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