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Paper machine for graphical papers

Basic information: 

  • production capacity 290 000 tonnes

  • basic weight range 44 - 57 g/m2

  • widht 8.35 m

  • speed 1500 m/min

  • raw materials: groundwood pulp, thermomechanical pulp, chemical pulp and fillers


with stock preparation

Valmet Paper machine for graphical paper 8350 mm 1500 m/min

Tissue rewinder Perini Rotomat 2100 mm

Tissue rewinder to produce industrial/commercial used tissue rolls with large diameter and width

Working width 1800 - 2100 mm

3 unwind stations

Refurbished in year 200 and 2004

Running condition.

Perini Rotomat For big rolls

Sludge press WPH 2 Bellmer 1500 mm

Second hand / used WPH 2 sludge press 

Material to be dewatered: paper sludge

Solids content in the inlet: min. 120 g / l

Working speed: approx. 0.9 m / min to 6 m / min

Bellmer WPH 2 1500 mm

Deflaker Voith 1 E

Used deflaker made by Voith Type 1 E with installed bored fillings. The machine is in very good condition

Voith 1 E 1

Inkjet- Printing machine

This inkjet - printing machine is the right machine for you when you are an advertising technichian, sign producer, screen printer, or a worker in a photographic laboratory. 

Productivity: 35m 

Max. printing width: 160cm ( but depending on the material)

Max. media thickness: 2mm ( depending on material)

Max. weight of media: up to 50 Kg

Printing resolution: up to 1728dpi

Smallest size of plate: Din-A3 size

Works with Linux Software

Has several small solvable problems

Durst Omega 1 up to 35 sqm

Sheet cutter Maxson DFK 600

4 reel stands

Max reel width 1700 mm

Min reel width: 450 mm

Core width: 76 mm to 305 mm

Max diameter of the reel:1650 mm


Optimal core sizes 70, 76, 120, 152, 300 mm

AC tehnology

Cut precision +/- 0,38 mm

Second hand / used sheet cutter

Max speed 396 mpm

Antistatic device

Double rotation guilotine

UNICO software

Alan Bradley sowtware

Lots of spare parts

Maxson DFK 600 1700 mm 350 m/min

Twin wire press Andritz 2950 mm

Wire width: 2950mm

Andritz Double wire press 2800mm

Rejectsorter Voith RS 3

Voith Rejectsorter RS 3

Turboseparator Voith ATS 41

Voith ATS 41 41

Sheet cutting machine Corta 56 P

Dürselen KG Corta 56 P