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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Vibrating screen Finckh 0,75 m²

Vibrating screen

0,75 m²

Throughput max. 25 t b.d/24h

Finckh E1 0,75 m²

Cyclo screen made by Finckh

Second hand / used Cyclo Screen Finckh

Max. Throughput 80 t b.d/24h

5% max. consistency

15 KW

Finckh Cyclo Screen 1 80 t/24h

Hibon pump HHLV140

Hibon is complete for installation (motor, valves, vacuum tank, pulley)

Hibon HHLV 140

12 Knife holders + 40 knives for slitter scorer BHS SRA-T 250

Second hand / used 12 Knife holders + 40 knives for slitter scorer BHS SRA-T 250

BHS for slitter scorer BHS SRA-T 250

Drum thickener Finckh 4 m x 1,25 m

Drum thickener to refurbish

Finckh Drum thickener 4 m x 1,25 m

Cylinder Die-cutter Heidelberg SBBS

Second hand / used cylinder Die-cutter Heidelberg


This specific model was produced from Heidelberg only for diecutting
Size 570 x 820 mm / 22 1/3 - 32 1/4'

Technical features:
Max speed 4600 sheets/hour
Max paper size 570 x 820 mm
Min paper size 210 x 280 mm
Printing area 540 x 772 mm

L. 3,50 mt.
P. 2,00 mt.
H. 1,85 mt.

Heidelberg SBBS

Boiler Pillard with auto control system

Second hand / used boiler Pillard

Conception: water rolls

Boiler stamps: 48 bar eff.

Outlet pressure superheater: 40 bar eff.

Overheating temperature: 440°C

Feed water temperature: 105°C

Combustible: natural gas, fuel-oil

Heating surface boiler: 487 m²

Heating surface superheater: 108 m²

Water volume: 10,4 m³

Steam volume: 3,9 m³

with control system Andover controls AC256M plus

Pillard GRX

Paper bag machine Honsel

Dimensions of bags:

Width:           8 -25 cm

Length:        20 - 40 cm 

With or without a gusset

Paper bags with V - bottom

2 colours printing line

Honsel up to 200 bags per minute, depending on size and paper

Small slitter rewinder 620 mm width with core cutting machine

Small slitter rewinder, width 620 mm max, with core cutting machine. The machine is in very good condition and working properly. Inspections are welcome.

Slitter rewinder details:

  1. Width of raw paper: 620mm Max,weight:30-200gsm paper
  2. Raw paper Max diameter:1meter,Max weight:1000KG
  3. Machine size :2430*1600*1430mm(L*W*H)

Winding part size: 2100*1500*1000mm(L*W*H)

  1. Power:18KW
  2. Voltage:3x400V 50HZ
  3. Air inlet pipe:dia 8mm
  4. Machine weight:2.5T,Winding part:1T
  5. Rewinding size:Dia 76mm
Ruian Jiahao Machinery QFJ-C800 600 mm

Waste paper stock preparation 1000 t/day

Second hand / used waste paper recycling plant:

Raw material: 100% recycled fiber

Overview Process Facts:

- Continuous Process (Drum Pulper)

- 2 Loop process

- Tankless system

- Upgraded energy saving flotation - using variable speed drives controlling from pressure

- Using Metso DCS control and quality control system

Eropean brand manufacturer 1000 t/day