Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Conical Refiner Voith 1 RS

Conical Refiner Voith 1 RS with gearbox and spare parts

Voith 1 RS

Pressure screen Escher Wyss Axiguard CS 3 T

Escher Wyss Axiguard CS 3 T

HD Cleaner Andritz Ahlcleaner RB 300 HD

the AhlCleaner RB300Hd
are  large-diameter  cleaners  designed  to
operate  at  stock  consistencies  of  up  to
4.5%.  Heavy  debris,  such  as  sand,  dirt,
metal,  glass,  along  with  a  high  percent-
age  of  smaller  impurities,  can  easily  be
removed  with  minimum  amount  of  fiber
loss by the utilization of a junk trap. These
cleaners are used in recycled fiber lines for
coarse  particle  removal  and  in  bale  pulp
lines  as  protection  before  refiners  and  
 ƒ durable plastic and ceramic cones
 ƒ directions of feed and accept connections can be selected
 ƒ Minimum space requirements
 ƒ Easy to operate, maintain, and install
 ƒ Special designed spool piece for reduced wear on
  junk trap gate valve


Andritz Ahlcleaner RB 300 HD 1900 l/min

Deflaker Escher-Wyss E 2 K

Escher-Wyss E 2 K 2

Drive and rotors for Lamort Pulper 30 m³

Drive- and dissolving parts for Lamort  HC Pulper 30 m³  consiting of

1  bearing block

3  HC Rotor / Helix

2  Gearbox 500 KW  - 1 is refurbished

2  Siemens Motor 500 KW / 6KV / 50 Hz

Lamort HC Pulper 30 m³

Pressure screen Omnicreen OS 4

Pressure screen for medium consistencies up to ca 4,5 %

Power requirement 55 KW



Voith - Escher Wyss Omnisorter - Omnicreen OS 4 OS 4

Horizontal pressure screen Voith-Finckh Hori 0

Voith - Finckh Hori 0 0

Conflo Refiner JC 00

Used Conflo refiner in overall good condition. With motor

Sunds Defibrator JC 00 5 - 50 t/day

Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

Used Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

- last use 500 KW

- ie 9,9    (1485 / 143,4) 

- weight 3200 Kg


Hansen Gearbox 500 KW

Conflo Refiner JC 03

for sale second hand Conflo Refiner JC 03

The machine is not complete


Metso Valmet Sunds JC 03