Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Deflaker Sunds JJF 315

Sunds Defibrator JJF 315

Deflaker RDM 26


Refiner Beloit Jones DD2000

Beloit Jones DD 2000

Narrow Bow screen GL+V


Wire winding machine Voith in top condition

Wire winding machine to collect the wired of bales

Voith DW

Disc Filter Cellwood 14 Disc 3m diameter 8000 l/min

disc filter
Manufacturer: Cellwood
Number of discs: 14
Disc diameter: 3000 mm
Material: 316 stainless steel
Inlet consistency: 1%
outlet stock consistency: 10%
Stock inlet: 8340 lpm at a stock consistency of 1%
Stock outlet: 822.40 lpm at a stock consistency of 10%
Clear filtrate outlet: 4979.36 lpm at a consistency of 0.080%
Cloudy filtrate outlet: 2538.24 lpm at a consistency of 0.030%

Cellwood 3000 mm diam. 14 Discs 8340 l/min

Screening channel for Turboseparator ATS 20

Used screening channel for Turboseparator ATS 20.

ATS 20

HC Refiner Krima Cellwood machinery KR 1050 with plug screw

Cellwood Machinery KR 1050 1050 mm 150 - 400 t/day

Escher-Wyss Omniscreen OS 8

Pressure screen for medium consistency up to ca 4,5 %


Escher Wyss Omniscreen OS 8 OS 8

Reject distribution station for 2 Container

Station which distributes drained rejects into 2 containers.

Consisting of Reject Transport screw, framing, Distribution station, catwalks, stairs.

Vecoplan VFB 800