Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Pulper discharge machine Contaminex CM 20

Contaminex CM 20 20

Vibrating screen Voith 1000 K

Vibratinng screen Voith 1000 K in stainless steel version

Voith 1000 K 1,5 m²

Poire Lamort size 2

Pulper discharge machine Poire size 2

Lamort Poire 2

Vibration screen Finkch E2 1,5 m²

Finckh E 2 1,5 m²

Pressure screen Lamort SPN 10

Lamort SPN 10

Pressure screen Lamort CH 3

Lamort CH 3

Pressure screen Lamort CH 7

Main Advantages
Working consistencies between 2 and 4% with a drilled screen basket, and up to 3.5% with a slotted basket. depending on its Calibration

No fractionating of contaminants. Special design of enclosed rotor, avoiding any string formation. Fine screening possible prior to refining.

Low specific power. Little space requirement. Easy access thanks to the pivoting casing door which allows checking or quick change of screen basket.

Operates with dalled or slotted baskets, without modifications being necessary.

Lamort CH 7 CH 7

Screen basket for Lamort SPN 15, 0,25 mm slot

Screen basket for Lamort SPN 15, 0,25 mm slot

Lamort SPN 15 0,25 mm slot

Broke pulper ca 20 m³

Broke pulper, width ca 4 m, 2 rotors

ca 20 m³

Rotor for Lamort SP 800

Used foilrotor for Lamort SP 800 pressure screen

Lamort SP 800 SP 800