Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Voith MultiScreen MSA 12

Voith MultiScreen MSA 12 / 12 12 ca 30 - 40.000 l/min

Screen plates for Voith 1000 K vibrating screen 0,6mm

Screen plates for vibrating screen 0,6 mm slot

Reel guillotine Boa 2600 mm

Reel guillotine with conveyors

Boa HRSP 25 2600 mm x 1500 mm

Refiner Beloit Jones DD 3000

Beloit Jones DD 3000 Duoflo 34 '' 65 - 400 T/day

Cleaner cones Voith HCL5 EcoMizer

132 unit Cleaner cones Voith HCL5 EcoMizer. Cones only. No piping. 

Voith HCL5 (EcoMizer)

Double disc refiner DD900

Jylhävaara, Sunds, Kumera DD 900

Double disc refiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Used Double disc refiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

unused Rotor type CP D 900 for Voith broke Pulper

Unused rotor for horizontal Voith broke pulper. Diameter 900 mm . Type CP D900

For broke pulpers with a volume of approx 12 m³

Voith Rotor for horizontal broke Pulper CP-D900 900 mm

Sludge press WPH 2 Bellmer 1500 mm

Second hand / used WPH 2 sludge press 

Material to be dewatered: paper sludge

Solids content in the inlet: min. 120 g / l

Working speed: approx. 0.9 m / min to 6 m / min

Bellmer WPH 2 1500 mm

Deflaker Voith 1 E

Used deflaker made by Voith Type 1 E with installed bored fillings. The machine is in very good condition

Voith 1 E 1