Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Deflaker Pilao DTD 20''

Used deflaker made by Pilao Type DTD 20''

Pilao DTD 20''

Paper bale dewiring machine made by B+G

Paper bale dewiring machine made by B+G
B & G approx. 100 bales / hour max

Reject press Trumag KRS 60

Trumag KRS 60 585 mm screw diameter

High cons. pressure screen Finckh Hico 2

For sale high consistency pressure screen Finckh Hico 2

Finckh Hico 2 High consistency screen 2

Compact Washer Voith

Compact Washer for wash deinking made by Voith in very good condition. Width 2460 mm,


Wash deinking
Wash deinking consists of a washing stage where dispersants are added to wash out the printing inks. When the pulp slurry is dewatered (thickened), the medium to fine particles are washed out. This process is most useful for removing particles smaller than about 30 µm, like water-based inks, fillers, coating particles, fines and micro stickies. This process is more common when making deinked pulp for tissue.

Voith Compact Washer up to 9000 l/min


Gebrauchter Kletterrechen. Demontiert

KR N2 980 980 mm

Voith MultiScreen MSA 12

Voith MultiScreen MSA 12 / 12 12 ca 30 - 40.000 l/min

Screen plates for Voith 1000 K vibrating screen 0,6mm

Screen plates for vibrating screen 0,6 mm slot

Refiner Beloit Jones DD 3000

Beloit Jones DD 3000 Duoflo 34 '' 65 - 400 T/day

Cleaner cones Voith HCL5 EcoMizer

132 unit Cleaner cones Voith HCL5 EcoMizer. Cones only. No piping. 

Voith HCL5 (EcoMizer)