Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Claflin Refiner Bolton Emerson 202

Bolton Emerson Claflin 202 202

Water rake channel rake Filter screen FRS 3

Second hand channel rake, water rake, filter screen FRS 3 ,

For a canal width of 580 mm

General functional description:
The filter screen helps to mechanically clean liquids, mainly communal and industrial waste water. The liquid flows through the drain, in which the machine with its lower machine frame is installed. The filter frame essentially comprises a continuous filter belt, which consists of perforated filter cages with rakes. The filter cages are attached to a conveyor chain on both sides, which drives the filter belt. The filter cages are in the form of an arc. The filter cages of the machine restrain organic and inorganic rejects. The filter area is occupied by the restrained rejects, through which the free area is reduced. This lowers the volume of flow or the differential level (calculated from the water level before and after the machine) increases. If a measuring device ascertains that a predetermined limit value has been exceeded in case of the water level, the filter belt starts moving. The occupied part of the filter area (in the direction of flow before the screen) moves from the drain and is cleaned at the upper deviating point using a rotat-ing brush roller. The cleaning is supported by a nozzle bar, which is operated at a water pressure of approximately 3 bar. The cleaned filter belt runs downwards on the rear side of the screen and dips into the drain (the cycle re-starts). The restrained screenings fall under the brush hood into a flume, press with funnel, a conveyor, a container or another receptacle.

FSM FRS 3 380 mm rake width

Fibersorter Escher Wyss FS 0

Escher Wyss Fibersorter FS 0

Drum thickener Finckh 4 m x 1,25 m

Drum thickener to refurbish

Finckh Drum thickener 4 m x 1,25 m

Pressure screen Finckh R 2

Vertical screen R2 made by Finkch  (now Voith) 

Flow rate: 2300 - 4200 l / min (max. 5000 l / min)
Finckh R 2 5000 l/min

Small vertical pulper approx 2 m³ volume

Vertical Pulper approx 2 m³

Pressure screen Lamort SPN 6 in stainless steel

Lamort SPN 6

Several cleaner banks with Voith KS 160 cleaners

Original Voith made Cleaner banks made in stainless steel with Voith KS 160 LC cleaners

Voith KS 160

High cons. Pressure screen Voith - Finckh Hico 1

Voith - Finckh Hico 1 1

Folded screen thickener 5m x 1,35m in stainless steel

Voith Folded screen thickener ca 5m x 1,35m 110 - 490 t/day