Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Microflotator GF-1T - 1m³/h

Small Microflotation machine GF-1T capacity 1 m³ / h 

ShuHang BK-200 1m³/h

Segments for disc filter Hedemora VDF 3,6

80 units of used segments for disc filter hedemora 3,6

Hedemora 3,6 m diameter

Microfiltration system made by SPECO

Material: stainless steel or special steel, durable plastic, galvanized steel frame
Incl.: media connections
Micro gap sieve basket: 30 µm
Rotary scraper with geared motor approx. 10 kW
free flow of thick matter
free filtrate drain
Base frame (steel, coated)

SPECO SEPCOM MICRO MFT 500 max. 20 m3/h

2 units HD cleaner 500 l/min

Material: Stainless steel min. 1.4301

Incl.: Separation tank with tangential loading, with automatic shut-off valve

Stainless steel frame for 2 units

 Material: Stainless steel min. 1.4301


European MCI HZ200 500 l/min max for 2 units

Several screen plates for fibersorter FS4B

Several spare screen plates for Fibersorter FS4B from Voith or Escher-Wyss in used or unused condition.
Machine hole diam Diam. i hole form hole layout t free space in % Strips form condition
FF4B 1,4/2 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 3,2/2,8/2,8 2,93 20,71 nein Zylinder neu
FS4B 2,2/2,8 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 4,8/4,7/4,7 4,73 19,6 ja Zylinder neu
FS4B 2,4/3,0 315 Konisch Rv: 4/4/4 4 32,7 ja Zylinder aufgearbeitet
FS4B 2,8/3,6 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 4,8/4,7/4,7 4,73 31,8 ja Zylinder neu

Screw press for Pulp made by Andritz SCP755LM

Diam: 755 mm

With gear box ratio 35,5 and AC motor excluded

Andritz SCP755LM 250 TPD

Voith Contaminex CMV

Contaminex™ CMV
Pulper detrashing in TwinPulp™ III  systems for higher capacity

• Operates intermittently
• Washing cycle helps to reject fine heavy particles
• Washed rejects discharged to the drum screen STR

• Accepts returned to UniPulper™ (for improved SC control)
• Screen uppermost for minimum wear
• Wear-resistant rotor

Voith Contaminex CMV

Pressure screen Lamort SP 800

Second hand old type pressuer screen SP 800

Complete with 1 basket

Lamort SP 800

Sand separator 5 m length

Separator for heavy contaminants

Length about 5 m

Screw diameter about 50 cm

stainless steel

incl. drive


European Sand separator

TMP plant ca 250 t/day, partly new, already dismantled

Complete TMP plant for a capacity of approx. 250 tpd - 90,000 t/year with many new machines! 

Already dismmantled

European TMP Plant 90.000 t/year