Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Drum screen Escher-Wyss ZTR15/25

holed length ca 2 m

Diameter 1,5 m

Holes 20 mm

Escher Wyss ZTR15/25

Drive shaft for Voith B+G Pulper feeding belt 2,8 m

Voith B+G Drive shaft 2,8 m Breite

Ascending screw thickener Cellwood SDPP 1530

Optimum inlet consistency: 2 - 4%

Highest outlet concentration: 20%

Cellwood Machinery SDPP 1530 10 - 50 t/24h

Disperging line Voith ZSE with heating screw

Disperging line Voith ZSE with 3 wire presses and heating screw

Voith ZSE

Voith AP 60 horizontal Pulper

Voith AP 60 horizontal Pulper

Voith AP 60 60 m³

Sludge dekanter Guinard TYP: D5 LC 30 HP

Guinard TYP: D5 LC 30 HP

Rotorpurge 33-1200 Sirpa (like hydrapurge Lamort)

Second hand Rotorpurge

Type: Rotorpurge

Size: 33-1200

Tank capacity: 1200l

Max. pressure inside the tank: 5 bars

Rotor speed: 330 tr/min

Plate perforation: Diam. 12mm

Plate / rotor clearance: 0,5 to 1mm



motor: 75kw - 1500 tr/min

tension: 220/380V / 3Ph / 50Hz

pulley pitch diameter: 280/1250mm

belt: 4 SPC 4750



position: pulp preparation - pulper decontamination

production: about 80 tpd

pulp type: old papers



Sirpa Rotorpurge 33-1200 1200l

Cellwood Krima KD450 Disperger with screw press

Disperger Cellwood Krima KD 450 with screw press Cellwood KSR 411

Cellwood KD450 70 t/day

Ball valve

Somas KVt-A3-AKA-B11

Deflaker Sunds JJF 315

Sunds Defibrator JJF 315