Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Drum Refiner Andritz Papillon CS 380


type: Papillon CS 380

manufacturer: Andritz

RPM: 700- 1400 U/min
Flow: 400- 1200 l/min
Capacity max. 2500 kg/h
Outlet pressure max. : 5,5 bar pine
Stock consistency: 3,8%
Power max. : 300 kW

Gentle fiber treatment with low energy consumption

Features and benefits:

Reduced energy consumption due to low no-load power
- Constant fiber properties
- Even gap inside the whole refining area
- Wide range of refiner fillings tailored to the repsective type of fiber
- Shortest possible down-time due to excellent and comfortable access to all stator plates and the cylinder

Andritz Papillon CS 380 2500 kg/h

Headbox pressure screen made by Escher Wyss Type LPS 41

Low pulse paper machine pressure screen made by Escher Wyss Type LPS 41

Escher Wyss Low pulse headbox pressure screen

Waste paper stock preparation line for tissue paper

Waste paper stock preparation for tissue paper with deinking system

European Waste paper stock preparation lines for tissue paper 300 t/day

Reject press Beltec 601

Used reject press Beltec 601

Beltec 601 600 mm screw diameter

Refiner Sunds Defibrator RGP 60 S

Sunds Defibrator RGP 60 S

Jylhävaara-sund JJF-160

Jylhävaara / Sunds JF-160

Valmet DWA-729 TwinRoll Press

Complete overhauled

Consitency in 2-5%, consistency out 33%.

Max working temp. 90 °C.

In good condition & in operation only max one year after overhauling. 

Immediate delivery is possible.

Valmet DWA-729

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 500 refurbished - new screen plates

Used reject press made by Kufferath, type Akupress A 500 in refurbished condition with unused screen plates.

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm screw diameter

Spare screw for Thune SP 32 Screw press

Thune SP 32

Microflotator GF-1T - 1m³/h

Small Microflotation machine GF-1T capacity 1 m³ / h 

ShuHang BK-200 1m³/h