Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Pressure screen Omnicreen OS 4

Pressure screen for medium consistencies up to ca 4,5 %

Power requirement 55 KW



Voith - Escher Wyss Omnisorter - Omnicreen OS 4 OS 4

Horizontal pressure screen Voith-Finckh Hori 0

Voith - Finckh Hori 0 0

Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

Used Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

- last use 500 KW

- ie 9,9    (1485 / 143,4) 

- weight 3200 Kg


Hansen Gearbox 500 KW

Conflo Refiner JC 03 - refurbished

for sale second hand Conflo Refiner JC 03 refurbished with a lot of brand new machine parts



Metso Valmet Sunds JC 03

Pulper Voith VSZ 20 with feeding conveyor belt

Second hand / used pulper

Manufacturer: Voith
Type VSZ 20, usable volume 20 m³ with VSZ 26 drive unit, the pulper vat is made in two parts for easier diassembling and transport

The pulper includes:

- the belt drive including electric motor, 250kW-1485U / min-660V

- the stainless steel inlet funnel with spray pipes,

- the pipeline with the valve to the pump, but without the pump

- the entry plate conveyor with drive. Make B&G conveyor technology

Voith VSZ 20 20 m³

Drive unit for Pulper Voith VS 20

Voith VS 20

Deflaker made by Siefer Type SM D 2

Siefer SM D2

Pulper discharge machine Contaminex CM 20

Contaminex CM 20 20

Vibrating screen Voith 1000 K

Vibratinng screen Voith 1000 K in stainless steel version

Voith 1000 K 1,5 m²

Poire Lamort size 2

Pulper discharge machine Poire size 2

Lamort Poire 2