Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Dispersing Kneader with screw press made by Maule 130 t/day

Dewatering screw press

  • Condition: not dismantled
  • Capacity 130 Tpd
  • Screw press Maule model GRIII - with reducer and 75 kW power motor
  • Inlet consistency:   10%
  • Outlet consistency: 30%
  • Frames

Dispersing Kneater

  • Condition: not dismantled
  • Capacity 130 Tpd
  • Disperger type kneader model GRIII with reducer not power motor included
  • Operating consistency: 28 - 32%
  • Frames
Maule Kneater 130 t/day

Screen basket 0,20 mm slot for Voith size 10 pressure screen

Slot 0,2 mm Slot 0,2 mm

Unused screen basket 0,25 mm slot for size 10 pressure screens

Slot 0,25 mm slot

Clarifier KWI Megacell

Used Clarifier for sale made by KWI

Further details are available on manufacturers website:

Main Advantages

  • Extremely compact and efficient clarifier – with surface hydraulic loading rate up to 30 m/h

  • Lower capital cost versus traditional rectangular units for equal flows

  • Highly energy efficient – very high level of clarification with significantly lower pressurisation rate compared to traditional DAF clarifiers

  • Minimises polymer consumption by optimising flocculation with extended mixing time in the presence of air bubbles and polymer

Main Applications

  • White water clarification and fibre recovery in the paper industry

  • Clarification of de-inking effluents

  • Clarification of food and industrial effluents in combination with physical-chemical treatment

  • Biological tertiary treatment

  • Sludge thickening

KWI Megacell MCR

Laboratory Refiner Escher Wyss R 1 L

Escher Wyss R 1 L

Sludge pre-thickener Bellmer Turbodrain TD1 1200 mm

Bellmer Turbodrain TD 1 1200 mm

Hollander beater

Hollander beater Hollander beater

Pressure screen Sunds Deltascreen T 91

Pressure screen made in stainless steel equipped with slotted basket

Sunds Defibrator Deltascreen T 91

Optiscreen Metso CS 40

Gebrauchter Grobsortierer Metso CS 40 in sehr gutem Zustand

Metso Optiscreen CS 40

Deinking cells 600 t/day

Escher Wyss 600 t/day