Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 500 - 22

Used reject press made by Kufferath Type Akupress A  500

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm screw diameter

Pressure screen Voith Minisorter 051

Used pressure screen made by Voith Type 051 in stainless steel version

Voith Minisorter 051

Double wire press Andritz 2800 mm

Double wire press for the thickening of pulp

Material: Stainless steel

Inlet cons: 6 - 8%

Outlet cons: 30 %

Equipped with cantilever wire change system



Andritz Double wire press 2800 mm 35 m/min

Spectro Screen Voith size 23

Voith Spectro Screen 23

Refiner Sprout Waldron Twinflo 20''

Sprout Waldron Twinflo 20''

Lamort Gyroclean

Lamort Gyroclean G2 L 70 - 200 m³

Deflaker Escher-Wyss E 1

Escher Wyss E 1

Fillings for Conflo JC03 Refiner

fillings for Refiner Conflo JC 03 JC 03

Vibrating screen Voith 1000 K

Used vibrating screen made by Voith type 1000 K in stainless steel version


Voith 1000 K 1,5 m²

Turboseparator Voith ATS 20

Voith Turboseparator ATS 20 100 -250 t/24h