Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Screw press thune SP 32

Thune SP32

Disc refiner made by Bauer

For sale second-hand single disc refiner made Bauer / Enso Gutzeit

Bauer Disc refiner

Gravity table Andritz

Andritz SZT 2000

Low cons. cleaner Ahlström

Ahlström LC cleaner plant

Rotor for VOITH ST5C-A Pulper

Voith ST5C-A

Agitator Voith

Second hand agitator made by Voith


Broke preparation plant - Reel Guillotine with Voith pulper

Used reel guillotine / reel splitter with Voith pulper for rolls with width max 2 m diameter max 1.4 m

European 1600 x 1250 mm

Drum thickener 1,25 x 3 m

Wandel Drum thickener 1,25 x 3 m 40 t/day

Drum thickener 1,25 x 3 m refurbished

Used drum thickener made by company Wandel in refurbished condition.

Drum size 1,25 x 3 m


Wandel Drum thickener 1,25 x 3 m

Cleaner heads in stainless steel Albia 300

Albia 300 l/min