Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Fillings for Conflo JC03 Refiner

fillings for Refiner Conflo JC 03 JC 03

Vibrating screen Voith 1000 K

Used vibrating screen made by Voith type 1000 K in stainless steel version


Voith 1000 K 1,5 m²

Turboseparator Voith ATS 20

Voith Turboseparator ATS 20 100 -250 t/24h

Reject gate with valves for HD cleaner

used reject gate made in stainless steel with valves for HD cleaner.


Low consistency cleaner Voith type 600

Used LC cleaner made by Voith, made in stainless steel,  cons. up to 0,8% , 200 - 3000 l/min

Voith Low consistency cleaner 600 2000 - 3000 l/min

Pressure screen for high consitency

Used pressure screen for high consitency cleaning

Capacity 300 t/day

basket hole: 3 mm

Motor: 132 KW


Voith 300 t/day

Screnn basket MS 10 Voith

Second hand / used screen basket MS 10 Voith

Slot 0,15 mm


Voith MS10

Double disc refiner Voith 1 SDM

Used double disc refiner from manufacturer Voith Type 1 SDM

Voith 1 SDM

Refiner Voith 0 SDM

Used Refiner Voith 0 SDM

Voith 0 SDM

Drive section for Voith Pulper HD 18

Second hand / used drive section for Voith Pulper HD 18

Voith HD 18 -