Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Deflaker JJF 315 Sunds

Valmet / Sunds / metso JJF 316 315

Screen basket for Valmet TL 900

Screen basket for Valmet pressure screen TL 900

Slot size: 0,25mm


AFT TL 900 0,25 mm

Rotor for Voith HD Pulper HDC 32

Second hand Rotor for Voith HD Pulper HDC 32

Voith HC Rotor for HDC 32

Spare parts for Escher Wyss DSR 2 Refiner

1 x Flender gearbox which is in as new condition. Gearbox was never installed  RPM N1: 1485  N2: 609,8

2 x bearings NUB Z 324

1 x sleeve for main shaft

1 x shaft for stator (not main shaft)

1 x stator

1 x coupling

2 x set of unused fillings 10 Degress knife angle for cutting, not defibrillating use

Escher Wyss DSR 2 2

Drucksortierer Finkh KL 60

Gebrauchter Drucksortierer Finkh KL 60

Mit gebrauchtem Siebkorb 0,25 mm Schlitz

Finckh KL 60 60 60 t/24h

Algas Filter AMF 30 A

Second hand Algas Filter Type AMF 30 A


The ALGAS Microfilter is basically a drum filter but with features that make it extra special.
Filtering from the inside out allows the recovery trough to be installed inside the drum. This means the filter operates with a much higher level compared to conventional designs, increasing filtration time and improving efficiency.
No vacuum and only atmospheric pressure is used which gives a soft filtering action, neither pushing nor pulling solids into or through the filtering medium.
This helps easy filter medium cleaning and any solids in the clear filtrate are “microscopic”, making the clear water safe for re-use.
Installation is fast and simple, no drop legs or heavy support work and little or no chemicals are necessary.
Filter cloth types range from 10 micron for special applications to as large as 1000 micron for thickening applications.
The Microfilter is not affected by variations in flow, solids or pH as are old traditional methods of treatment.

Algas Algas 5300 mm x 2800 mm x 3100 mm 50 - 70 m3/h

Chest in stainless steel

Stainless steel chest 32 m³ volume

stainless steel 32 m³

Pressure screen Hooper PSV 400

Vertical pressure screen

Manufacturer: Hooper

Model: PSV 400

This pressure screen is made in stainless steel.

Hooper PSV 400 6500l/min

Disc Knotter Sunds DKA 80

Second hand Disc Knotter Sunds DKA 80

Sunds Defibrator Disc Knotter DKA 80 80

High consistency refiner Cellwood Krima

Used high consistency refiner made by Cellwood machinery type Krima KR 1050.

Cellwood Krima High consitency Refiner KR / KD 1050 125 - 400 t