Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Sand separator 5 m length

Separator for heavy contaminants

Length about 5 m

Screw diameter about 50 cm

stainless steel

incl. drive


European Sand separator

Dispersing plant 150 t/day

Used dispersing system from European manufacturers with a capacity of 150 t/day to max 170 t/day

Consisting of a stainless steel belt press, ascending screw, heating screw, plug screw, disperser

European Hot dispersing system 150 - 170 t/day

TMP plant ca 250 t/day, partly new, already dismantled

Complete TMP plant for a capacity of approx. 250 tpd - 90,000 t/year with many new machines! 

Already dismmantled

European TMP Plant 90.000 t/year

Waste paper stock preparation line for tissue paper

Waste paper stock preparation for tissue paper with deinking system

European Waste paper stock preparation lines for tissue paper 300 t/day

Pulper feeding belt with scale and dewiring

Used pulper feeding belt / ascending conveyor belt in very good condition. Equipped with scale and bale dewiring unit

European Feeding belt with scale and dewiring

Broke preparation plant - Reel Guillotine with Voith pulper

Used reel guillotine / reel splitter with Voith pulper for rolls with width max 2 m diameter max 1.4 m

European 1600 x 1250 mm

Complete stock preparation for deinked pulp

Complete stock preparation in very good condition for deinked pulp consisting of following main components:

- HC Pulping

- Reject handling

- Screening

- Disperging

- Deinking

-  Deinking sludge thickening

- Water clarifiers

- Filler preparation plant


European Deinked pulp 300 t/day

2 units HD cleaner 500 l/min

Material: Stainless steel min. 1.4301

Incl.: Separation tank with tangential loading, with automatic shut-off valve

Stainless steel frame for 2 units

 Material: Stainless steel min. 1.4301


European MCI HZ200 500 l/min max for 2 units

Pulper 11 m³

Second hand / used pulper:

Diameter ca : 2.800 mm

Heigh ca : 2.000 mm

Total volume: 11 m³

Useable volume: 9 m³

European manufacturer 9 m³ net

Horizontal pressure screen

Was used as 4 . step in approach flow system

Into the machine suit the Voith size 10 screen baskets

Installed is a bump rotor

European manufacturer Qualifiber Finalscreen - -