Stock preparation

Used machines to produce pulp and for the processing of waste paper to usable fiber material.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Sludge drying plant

Sludge drying plant to dry bilogical sludge to pellets with a dry content of 95 %.  This plant is in a very good condition

Dryness of sludge inlet 16 %

Dryness of pellets 95 %

Capacity sludge inlet: ca 2000 kg/ h

This plant is consisting of approx 30 components of different European manufacturers.

Space requirement 20 x 20 x 20 m

European Manufacturer ca 2000 kg /h

Pressure screen

Pressure Screen:

manufacturer: Hooper

type: PSV 200

year of manufacturing: 1979

screen diam.: 610mm H= 525mm

holes diam.: 8,0mm

consistency: 4-5%

throughput: 180 to/d high yield sulfate pulp

including spare parts (bearing housing, screen basket gasket, shaft, shaft protection sleeve...)

Hooper PSV 200

frequency inverter

frequency inverter


Typ: SAMI800F380

Code: 61157930

Nr.: 4421EB003


The frequency inverter consists from 4 modules

Modul1: SAFUL1000F415

Modul2: SAFUC1250F500

Modul3: SAFUB630F415

Modul4: SAFUI1000F500


Motor: 560 kW

frequency inverter

High consistency cleaner

Second hand / used high consistency cleaner

German manufacturer HD cleaner 800 l/min

Screw Press Sudor 200

Second hand / used screw press Sudor 200 with Kadant / Lamort ascending pre thickener

Sudor 200 200t/24h

Pressure screen M60 Ahlström

Pressure screen:

type: M 60

manufacturer: Ahlström

year of manufacturing: 1986

Ahlstrom M 60

Reject sorter Escher Wyss

second hand reject sorter

stainless steel

holes 3mm


Escher Wyss RS 3 RS3 60 - 70 tpd

Oscillating Sieve


Pressure screen Hooper PSV 400

Vertical pressure screen

Manufacturer: Hooper

Model: PSV 400

This pressure screen is made in stainless steel.

Hooper PSV 400 6500l/min

Low consistency cleaner station

Used cleaner station made in stainless steel

Consisting of 4 cleaner cones with approx 2000 l capacity each

Stock cons. 1 %

German manufacturer LC cleaner station ca 8000 l/min