Pressure screens / sorters

The pressure screens / sorters are in the stock preparation and in the approach flow system in front of the paper and board machine. Contaminants larger than the fibers are eliminated by pressure screens / sorters.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Voith Contaminex CMV

Contaminex™ CMV
Pulper detrashing in TwinPulp™ III  systems for higher capacity

• Operates intermittently
• Washing cycle helps to reject fine heavy particles
• Washed rejects discharged to the drum screen STR

• Accepts returned to UniPulper™ (for improved SC control)
• Screen uppermost for minimum wear
• Wear-resistant rotor

Voith Contaminex CMV

Pressure screen Lamort SP 800

Second hand old type pressuer screen SP 800

Complete with 1 basket

Lamort SP 800

Screening channel for Turboseparator ATS 20

Used screening channel for Turboseparator ATS 20.

ATS 20

Escher-Wyss Omniscreen OS 8

Pressure screen for medium consistency up to ca 4,5 %


Escher Wyss Omniscreen OS 8 OS 8

Pressure screen Tampella TAP 50

    • C-rotors (conical body) as standard and conventional rotors when required
    • Rotating speed 400 – 600 rpm (max. 1200 rpm)
    • Production rate 5 - 50 ton/day
    • Feed consistency: low consistency (LC) < 3%
    • Feed CSF: 100 - 700 ml
Tampella TAP 50 5 - 50 t/24h

TMP Refiner Sunds RGP 42 in very good condition

Second hand / used TMP Refining line made by Defibrator Sunds:


Rotating speed: 1000 - 2400 rpm

Preheater and refiner pressurized separately

Design pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)

Max. production rate: 1000 kg/h

Drives: Feeding 1350 kW and loading 640 kW (ABB)

Many different refining plates available

Sunds RGP 42 24 t/day

Centriscreen Drucksortierer Bird

Bird DT 68L 107 2645212001

Pressure Screen Bird Centriscreen

Bird DT 68L108

Pressure screen Sunds Deltascreen T 91

Pressure screen made in stainless steel equipped with slotted basket

Sunds Defibrator Deltascreen T 91

Optiscreen Metso CS 40

Gebrauchter Grobsortierer Metso CS 40 in sehr gutem Zustand

Metso Optiscreen CS 40