Pressure screens / sorters

The pressure screens / sorters are in the stock preparation and in the approach flow system in front of the paper and board machine. Contaminants larger than the fibers are eliminated by pressure screens / sorters.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50

Second hand Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50 equipped with a slotted basket

Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50

Pressure screen Black Clawson Omega 10

Produced by Black Clawson
Model OMEGA 10
With dry reject compactor   
with  gate valves  
with pneumatic valve for discharge
with motor  22 [kW]
with compactor motor  3 [kW] and gearbox  
with belt transmision
Basket  with holes 6 [mm]

Black Clawson OMEGA 10

Double Separator ADS 200

Second hand / used double Separator:

ADS 200

Power: 200 - 220Kw

Stopped in April 2017

Basket Slitte: 0,35 s

Hole size: 2,8 diam.

Included manual and assembly drawing

Aikawa Double separator ADS 200 130 - 170 bdt /d

Pressure screen M60 Ahlström

Pressure screen:

type: M 60

manufacturer: Ahlström

year of manufacturing: 1986

Ahlstrom M 60

Double Separator ADS 100

Second hand double separator:

ADS 100 (2 Set)

Power: 95 - 132 Kw

Stopped in April 2017

Basket slitte: 0,35s

Hole Size: 2,8 dia.

Included manual and assembling drawing

Aikawa Double separator ADS 100 65 - 85 bdt /d

Pressure screen Voith MSS 08/08

Second hand pressure screen made by Voith MSS 08/08 including multifoil rotor and screen basket with holes.

Voith Multiscreen MSS 08/08

Pressure screen Hooper PSV 400

Vertical pressure screen

Manufacturer: Hooper

Model: PSV 400

This pressure screen is made in stainless steel.

Hooper PSV 400 6500l/min

Reject sorter Escher Wyss

second hand reject sorter

stainless steel

holes 3mm


Escher Wyss RS 3 RS3 60 - 70 tpd

Pressure screen

Pressure Screen:

manufacturer: Hooper

type: PSV 200

year of manufacturing: 1979

screen diam.: 610mm H= 525mm

holes diam.: 8,0mm

consistency: 4-5%

throughput: 180 to/d high yield sulfate pulp

including spare parts (bearing housing, screen basket gasket, shaft, shaft protection sleeve...)

Hooper PSV 200

Horizontal pressure screen

Was used as 4 . step in approach flow system

Into the machine suit the Voith size 10 screen baskets

Installed is a bump rotor

European manufacturer Qualifiber Finalscreen - -