Pressure screens / sorters

The pressure screens / sorters are in the stock preparation and in the approach flow system in front of the paper and board machine. Contaminants larger than the fibers are eliminated by pressure screens / sorters.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Turboseparator Voith ATS 20

Voith ATS 20

Turboseparator Voith ATS 20 in refurbished condition

Machine housing inside covered with metal

Voith ATS 20 20

Turboseparator Voith ATS 300

Voith ATS 300 300

Pressure screen Escher Wyss Axiguard CS 3 T

Escher Wyss Axiguard CS 3 T

Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50

Second hand Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50 equipped with a slotted basket

Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50

Pressure screen Lamort CH 3

Lamort CH 3

Pressure screen Lamort CH 7

Main Advantages
Working consistencies between 2 and 4% with a drilled screen basket, and up to 3.5% with a slotted basket. depending on its Calibration

No fractionating of contaminants. Special design of enclosed rotor, avoiding any string formation. Fine screening possible prior to refining.

Low specific power. Little space requirement. Easy access thanks to the pivoting casing door which allows checking or quick change of screen basket.

Operates with dalled or slotted baskets, without modifications being necessary.

Lamort CH 7 CH 7

Combisorter Voith CS 12

  Efficient medium consistency
screening in recovered paper
stock preparation
•  Low wear
•  Low energy consumption


 Applicable as final stage in holed
screening as well as intermediate
screen in combined and slotted
•  Continuous operation
•  Inlet stock consistencies up to 3 %
•  Rejects dry content up to 30 %
•  Downstream cleaner at the
heavies outlet minimizes wear
and separates rejects into light
and heavy fractions

High throughput rates
•  Rejects nearly free of fibers
•  Low energy consumption
•  Simple control by inlet pressure
•  Basalt-lined housing minimizes

Voith Combisorter CS 12 12 110 t/day

Disc Knotter Sunds DKA 80

Second hand Disc Knotter Sunds DKA 80

Sunds Defibrator Disc Knotter DKA 80 80

Double Separator ADS 100

Second hand double separator:

ADS 100 (2 Set)

Power: 95 - 132 Kw

Stopped in April 2017

Basket slitte: 0,35s

Hole Size: 2,8 dia.

Included manual and assembling drawing

Aikawa Double separator ADS 100 65 - 85 bdt /d