Pressure screens / sorters

The pressure screens / sorters are in the stock preparation and in the approach flow system in front of the paper and board machine. Contaminants larger than the fibers are eliminated by pressure screens / sorters.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Centriscreen Drucksortierer Bird

Bird DT 68L 107 2645212001

Pressure Screen Bird Centriscreen

Bird DT 68L108

pressure screen fibre Batch FB 2

Second hand / used pressure screen Andritz fiber batch FB2


Andritz FB2 FB 2 -

Housing for discharge Fiberizer F 1 T

Voith Fberizer F 1 T

Several screen plates for fibersorter FS4B

Several spare screen plates for Fibersorter FS4B from Voith or Escher-Wyss in used or unused condition.
Machine hole diam Diam. i hole form hole layout t free space in % Strips form condition
FF4B 1,4/2 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 3,2/2,8/2,8 2,93 20,71 nein Zylinder neu
FS4B 2,2/2,8 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 4,8/4,7/4,7 4,73 19,6 ja Zylinder neu
FS4B 2,4/3,0 315 Konisch Rv: 4/4/4 4 32,7 ja Zylinder aufgearbeitet
FS4B 2,8/3,6 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 4,8/4,7/4,7 4,73 31,8 ja Zylinder neu

Bearing / drive section for Voith GR 20 pressure screen

Bearing / drive section for Voith GR 20 pressure screen. The older Version with casted housing and rubber lining in refurbished conditiov

Voith GR 20

Voith size 20 pressure sceen

Voith size 20 pressure sceen equipped with multifoilrotor and screen basket 0,15mm slot

Voith Gr/VSI 20 20 / 21 / 22 up to 200 - 340 t/24 h at 0,8 % stock cons.

Gyroclean Kadant Lamort CTP

Used Gyroclean Lamort CTP

Kadant Lamort Gyroclean CTP

High cons. Pressure screen Voith - Finckh Hico 1

Voith - Finckh Hico 1 1

Horizontal screen Finckh Hico 1

Finkh Hico 1 high consistency screen 1