Pressure screens / sorters

The pressure screens / sorters are in the stock preparation and in the approach flow system in front of the paper and board machine. Contaminants larger than the fibers are eliminated by pressure screens / sorters.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Pressure screen Voith size 20 in cast iron version

Voith Size 20 GR cast iron 20

High cons. pressure screen Finckh Hico 2

For sale high consistency pressure screen Finckh Hico 2

Finckh Hico 2 High consistency screen 2

horizontal screen Finckh Hico 2

Slot pressure screen:

manufacturer: Fickh

type: Hico

size: 2

Finckh Hico 2 2

Voith Spectro screen size 13

Voith Spectro screen SS 13 13

Upper housing part for Voith MSM 12 pressure screen

Made in stainless steel

German manufacturer MSM 12 12

Pressure screen Voith Minisorter GR 11

Voith Minisorter 11 2700 l/min

Voith Minsiorter Gr 11

Second-hand Voith Minsiorter size 11 with slotted basket

Voith Minisorter 11 11 65 t/ 24h

Horizontal screen Finckh Hico 1

Finkh Hico 1 high consistency screen 1

Finckh horizontal screen size 1

Finckh Horizontal screen 1

High cons. Pressure screen Voith - Finckh Hico 1

Voith - Finckh Hico 1 1