Headbox / wire section

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Brustwalzenschüttler Nyblad

Nyblad Breast roll shaker made by Nyblad

Wire suction boxes 4950 mm, as new

European Double wet suction box 4950 overall width 750 m/min

Dandy roll 3310 mm Kufferath

Dandy roll, Egoutteur made by Kufferath Type Akuform

Wire width: 3310 mm

Bearing distance: 3950 mm

V - min: 700 m /min

V - max: 1000 m/min

Diameter: 2000 mm



Kufferath Akuform 3310 mm 700 - 1000 m/min

Head Box Beloit 2660 mm

Second hand / used converflo hydraulic headbox.

It´s producing 2450 mm paper at 450 mpm.

Outlet width is 2660 mm.

Beloit Converflo hydraulic headbox Outlet width 2660 mm 450 m/min

Top former Voith

Second hand / used top former

Wire width: 4400mm

Voith 4400 mm wire width

Wire suction roll, refurbished

Second hand / used wire suction roll, refurbished

L: 3000 mm holed width

Hole diameter: 7 mm

Da: 743 mm

Shell width: 3350 mm

bearing distance: 3850 mm

Suction width to adjust: 2800 / 3000 mm

Voith 2800 - 3000 mm 600 m/min

Headbox 2500 mm width

Headbox in good condition

Is in use for fluting approx 100 GSM

Made by Wolff Germany in year 1994

With automatic spindle adjustment

Cross flow distributor

Wolff Pressurized headbox 2500 mm net width 400m/min

Headbox 3060 mm outlet width

Outlet width: 3060 mm

Last product: Decor paper

Grammage range: 40 -140 g

Speed:100-250 m/min

Manufacturer: Hogenkamp Germany

Hogenkamp 3000 mm 90 t/24h