Press section / drying section

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Drying section of paper machine 5 m net width 38 cylinder

Drying section of paper machine, 38 cylinders ink. framing, 5 m net width, 5 bar cylinder pressure

Beloit 5000 mm net width

Drying cylinders 2750 mm bale length, 3 bar

2750 mm bale length, 3300 mm bearing distance 3 bar

Granite roll 700 x 3420 mm

700 x 3420 mm bale length

Press roll Voith 5900 mm

Second hand press rolls

Nominal diameter: 1230mm

Cover length: 5900mm

Bearing center distance: 6850mm

Weight: about 16.000kg

Voith 5900 mm

Rope tensioner

Unised rope tensioner in paper machine made by Allimand


Paper machine press rolls 2550 mm net width

4 units press rolls, rubber lined, made by Bellmer

2550 mm net width at pope reeler

weight per unit ca 15 tons


Bellmer 2550 x 1250 mm 2550 x 1250 mm net sizes 600 m/min

Drying cylinders with framing 2300 mm

Dying cylinder with framing

Bale width: 2300 mm

Net width: ca 2100 mm

Reel diameter: 1250 mm and 1000 mm

V: 100 m/min


2300 mm bale width

Yankee Cylinder Voith

Second hand / used yankee cylinder

Diameter: 5000mm

Lengh: 5780mm

Pressure: up to 4,6 bar

Remaining wall thickness: 25 - 26mm

Free of cracks

Documentation available

Voith 5000 x 5780 mm