Finishing / Converting

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Paper bag machine Honsel

Dimensions of bags:

Width:           8 -25 cm

Length:        20 - 40 cm 

With or without a gusset

Paper bags with V - bottom

2 colours printing line

Honsel up to 200 bags per minute, depending on size and paper

Small slitter rewinder 620 mm width with core cutting machine

Small slitter rewinder, width 620 mm max, with core cutting machine. The machine is in very good condition and working properly. Inspections are welcome.

Slitter rewinder details:

  1. Width of raw paper: 620mm Max,weight:30-200gsm paper
  2. Raw paper Max diameter:1meter,Max weight:1000KG
  3. Machine size :2430*1600*1430mm(L*W*H)

Winding part size: 2100*1500*1000mm(L*W*H)

  1. Power:18KW
  2. Voltage:3x400V 50HZ
  3. Air inlet pipe:dia 8mm
  4. Machine weight:2.5T,Winding part:1T
  5. Rewinding size:Dia 76mm
Ruian Jiahao Machinery QFJ-C800 600 mm

Paper bag machine made by Newlong

Second hand / used paper bag machine:

Type: 345T+505TH
Bag width: 310-450mm
Bag closing length: 290-595mm
Bag bottom: 100-220mm
Tube length: 400-740mm
Sheet length: 440~800mm
Sheet width: 830~1200mm
Sheet base weight(g/m2): 100~140mm
Inlet being collapse: 40~60mm
Bottom flap: bottom÷2+30~35
Max. speed: 60pcs/min
Newlong (Japan) 345T + 505TH

Tissue paper converting line for Toilet paper and kitchen roll

Core making machine


Unwind station


Glueing station


Unwinder 1


Unwinder 2


Unwinder 3


Knurling wheel


Embossing unit


Core storage




End sheet glueing




Log saw


European - Perini Swing line for Kitchen Roll and Toilet paper

Paper bag machine

Second hand / used paper bag making machine
Roll Fed
with Twisted handle unit
Top Folding: 40~60mm
Non creasing available
Bag widths: 220~350mm
Bottom widths: 65~160mm
Bag lengths: 340 – 540 mm
Paper size: max 1050 x 600 mm, Min 600 x 400 mm
Sheet Weight: 100~120g
Speed: 40~70 bags/min
Newlong (Japan) 335T-MⅡ-305THD SOS 40 - 70 bags/min

Bale Press HSM KP 100

HSM KP 100 550 x 450 x 600 mm

Laminating machine 4 lays 1200 mm net width

Used laminating machine to laminate up to 4 lays

consisting of:

4 double unwind stations  (for 8 rolls). With brake system

Glue station

Laminator for 4 lays 

Pump station für glue

2 units presses

Calander. Roll diameter ca 600 mm

Length cutting unit with knifes

Sheet cutting Jagenberg

Palletiszing system  Jagenberg

Total length: ca. 46 m 

Width: ca 4 m








Partly Jagenberg (cutting system) 1200 mm net width 50 m/min

Rewinder type UMK 2500/12/12 in very good condition

The machine looks very new respectively it ran less in the past (around 5000 hours since 2010).

  • Manufacturer: PSA
  • Type: UMK 2500/12/12
  • Working width: 500mm to 2500mm
  • Roll diameter: max 1200mm
  • Roll weight: max 3t
  • Core material: carton, steel, PVC
  • Core diameter: 76mm to 152mm (adapter)
  • Machine speed: max 500m/min
  • Material surface inspection system FSP600 from the company OCS (Optical Control System)
PSA UMK 2500/12/12 2500 mm

Ream Packaging machine Wrapmatic GRM

Type of machine: automatic

Feeding: manual

Works: electromechanical/ pneumatic

Standard ream measurements: width: 420 - 1000 mm, length: 530 - 1490 mm

Mech. speed: up to 15 ream wraps per min with reams of sizes: width min. 420 mm - max. 700 mm, length min. 530 mm - max. 1000 mm

Mech. speed: up to 13 ream wraps per min with reams of sizes: width min. 700 mm - max. 1000 mm, length min. 1000 mm - 1400 mm

ream paper weight: 60  up to 400 gr/sqm

Height of ream with fold downside: min. 15 - max.  80 mm

Height of  ream with fold upside: min. 25 - max. 80 mm

Weight of ream : Max. 60 Kg, min 6 Kg

Packaging material: Kraft paper, polyconverted paper

Weight of ream paper: 80 - 120 g/m2

Max. reel diameter: 1000 mm

Width of reels:  650 up to 1600 mm

Core diameter: 75 up to 85 mm

Trimming: max width 240 mm on each side, min width 15 mm on each side

Pallet size with head feed: width  max. 1020 mm, length max 1400 mm, height min 100 mm

Stacking height: 1800 mm ( pallet included)

Max. measurements for pallet on palletizer: Width max. 1380 mm , length 1400 mm , height min. 100 mm





Wrapmatic GRM

Vertical bale press HSM 500 VL

Second hand / used bale press:

Press capacity: 540 kN

Press time with back stroke: 40 s

Bale size (LxWxH): 1200 x 800 x 1200 mm

Bale weight (Carboard box): 400 - 470 kg

HSM 500 VL