Finishing / Converting

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Bale press HSM VK 23 /600

Bale press made by HSM

Press power: 24 tons

Motor 3 x 500 50 Hz  15 Kw

Bale size: 600 x 800 x 1000 – 1200 mm

Equiped with automatic wire binding unit



HSM VK 23 / 600

Small reel packing machine made by Cyklop

Cyklop Reel packing machine

Shaftless pick-up unwind stand 2500 mm

Spanntec Shaftless pick-up unwind stand 2500 mm

Embossing calander Kleinewefers 1400 mm

KLEINEWEFERS two-roller embossing calender K 80/2

Modernized in 1977

For embossing normal paper and PE-coated paper with a basis weight of 150 - 275 g/m2

Roller arrangement:
Above: Drive: 1 steel roller (intended for engraving) 320 mm
1 elastic special counter roller
(ELASTODUR) 670 mm diameter
Below: 1 steel roller (smooth roller) 330 mm

Roller surface width 1,500 mm
Working width 1,400 mm
Total pressure capacity max. 90,000 kg
mech. Working speed 10 - 100 m/min
Power requirement 38 kW
Roll diameter 1,500 mm
Sleeve diameter inside: 150 mm
Case diameter outside 180 mm
Voltage 220/380V, 50Hz

Kleinewefers K 80 /2 1400 mm working width 100 m/min

Balepress for Pulp with bale binding device

Balepress for Pulp with bale binding device in near to new condition

European Bale press for Pulp with bale binding device

Roll wrapping machine 2200 mm

European 380 - 2200 mm

Tissue paper converting line for Toilet paper and kitchen rolls

Used tissue paper converting line, to convert tisssue mother rolls into toilet paper or kitchen rolls packed in plastic bags

Perini / Gambini Conveting line for Toilet paper / kitchen roll 2200 mm

Tissue paper converting line to produce and pack toilet paper rolls

Second hand tissue paper converting line to produce packed toilet paper rolls from tissue mother rolls, paper width 2200 mm

Perini Tissue converting line for toilet paper rolls 2200 mm

Slitter rewinder Dusenbery 2300 mm

1. General
Model: 281
Speed:Foil Max. 400 m/min
          Cardboard Max. 70 m/min
2. Unwinder
Roll weight: max. 1600 kg
Roll diameter: max 1250 mm
Roll width: min. 900 mm
Max. 2050
Foil tension: min 0.4 N/cm (82 N/2050 mm)
Max. 10N/cm (2050N/2050mm)
Minimum roll diameter for role recording from floor: 400mm
Sleeve width: min 900 mm max 2050
Sleeve inner diameter: 152 mm

3. Rewinder
Roll weight: max. 1600 kg
Roll diameter: max. 1250 mm
Roll width: 2050 max

Dusenbery 502 SJ unwind 2300 mm

Slitter Rewinder Nicely Taiwan 1450 mm

Thickness of materials  0,075 mm - 0,6 mm

Weight loading capacity: Max 2000 kg

Material width: 500 mm - 1450 mm

Unwind core diameter: 76,2 / 152,4 mm paper core

Max rewind diameter: 600 mm

Rewind core diameter: 75,2 / 152,4 mm

Width of cut: Rewind only

Mechanical speed: 250 m/min

Some knifes available



Nicely Taiwan EG 7003 DC 1 1450 mm 10 - 250 m/min