Finishing / Converting

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Synchro Sheet cutter Jagenberg 1600 mm

Manufacturer: Jagenberg Type Syncro Sprint 300 - 1650 Year: 1990 ies Number of unwind stands 2 x 8 Splicing detector: 1 Laser (trimmer position) Number of circular blocks: 1 Auto format adjustment: no Pallet stacking: palletomat Reverse speed: stopped Diam reel min. technical: 430 mm Diam reel min. work: 500 mm Diam reel max. 1350 mm reel width min.: 480 mm reel width max.: 1600 mm (max. roll weight: 2500 kg) Standard core: 150 Min length cut 450 mm Max. length cut: 160 mm Width min. cut - single format: 450 mm Width min cut - multiple format: 2x320 mm Width max. cut: 1480 mm Min. trimming: 20 mm (30mm for roll < 950 mm) Max. trimming: 100 mm (110 mm for roll < 950 mm) Max.pallet height: 1700 mm No. of pal. max stacking: 2 Pallet format max 1210 x 1610 mm min single stack 440 x 660 mm Max. knife load: 920 g Calculation of the knife load: 8 x 115 Min. mechanical speed 120 m/min Max. mechanical speed 250 m / min
Jagenberg Synchro 1650 1600 mm 250 m/min

Bale press boa Conti 25 S

BOA  bale press
Model: Continette 25 SP
Bale size 800mm x 800mm
Power approx. 25 kW, 50 Hz
Max pressure 280 bar
Press power 45 tons
Machine weight: ca. 6.5tons

With bale wire binding unit

Boa Conti 25 S

Reel packing machine / reel wrapping machine

Packed reel diameter 1500 mm max, 600 mm min.

Reel width: 2600 mm max.


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Saimatec Engineering Reel packing machine / reel wrapping machine diam. 1500 mm max

Compact sheet cutter 1400 mm SHM

Manufacturer:       SHM Strachan Henshaw
Cut width:            1400 mm
Working speed:    200 m/mm max. (depending on material and sheet length)    
Knife load:           600 g/m²
Cut length:           400 mm – 1.500 mm

Unwind stands:    
Unwind reel diameter:    1.000 mm
Reel width:        1.400 mm

Pile height:        1.300 mm (with pallet)
Power supply:    standard three-phase
Air supply:         5,5 bars
Air consumption:   0,085 m³/mn

Machine dimensions:
-    High speed:   Length: 5,2 m
-    Compact:      Length: 3,1 m, Width: 1,9 m, Heigth: 1,9 m   

SHM Strachan Henshaw 1400 mm 200 m/min

Reel packing machine 500 - 2040 mm width

Second hand / used roll packing machine

Reel width: 500 mm - 2040 mm

Reel diameter: 450 mm - 1350 mm


PAMA 500 - 2040 mm width one worker 1 reel in 7 minutes

Slitter rewinder 1800 mm SRC

Basic Material Specifications

Wet laid nonwovens + others

Thickness ranges from 350gsm – 450gsm

Minimum product tensile 100N/m


Unwind Section

Max web width 1800mm

Max rewind/unwind weight 250/300kgs

Max unwind roll diameter 1200mm

Braked unwind with load cell tension control

Automatic edge guider (+/- 50mm)

Reel lift arms on the unwind

Shaft-less unwind unit (min web width 400mm – max web width 1800mm)

Web splice and inspection table

Unwind cores i/d 76mm and 152mm chucking facilities


Nip Section

Driven draw rollers, with pneumatically actuated nip roller


Slitting Section

Rotary shear slitting (tangential)

16 individual shaft mounted female knives

16  individual pneumatic dovetail mounted shear slitting knives

Minimum slitting width 50mm

Normally slitting 300-400mm widths


Rewind Section

Simplex centre-surface rewind

Maximum rewind diameter 1200mm

Rewind mode – locked core (airshaft) – 1 off rewind airshaft 76mm

Off-loading the rewind support arms will lower to floor (similar to the Parkland system)

Rewind roll removal by pump truck with bogey arrangement as currently in use on the parkland system (not part of selling scope)

Two drive machine – one draw roller drive and one rewind roller drive

Machine speed 200mpm (maximum mechanical speed).

SRC 1800 mm

Core cutting machine Interroll Joki

Second hand / use core cutting machine

with dust collection system

with plating for about 5m core

Interroll Joki

12 Knife holders + 40 knives for slitter scorer BHS SRA-T 250

Second hand / used 12 Knife holders + 40 knives for slitter scorer BHS SRA-T 250

BHS for slitter scorer BHS SRA-T 250

Cylinder Die-cutter Heidelberg SBBS

Second hand / used cylinder Die-cutter Heidelberg


This specific model was produced from Heidelberg only for diecutting
Size 570 x 820 mm / 22 1/3 - 32 1/4'

Technical features:
Max speed 4600 sheets/hour
Max paper size 570 x 820 mm
Min paper size 210 x 280 mm
Printing area 540 x 772 mm

L. 3,50 mt.
P. 2,00 mt.
H. 1,85 mt.

Heidelberg SBBS

Paper bag machine Honsel

Dimensions of bags:

Width:           8 -25 cm

Length:        20 - 40 cm 

With or without a gusset

Paper bags with V - bottom

2 colours printing line

Honsel up to 200 bags per minute, depending on size and paper