Finishing / Converting

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Beam cutting press

Machine: PFD 20/9/15 0T

Punching pressure 150t

Punching area: 2050 x 910 mm

1x additional punching tape

It has a lowering unit and 4 cylinders arranged in parallel orientation




Sipad PFD Version 2001 2050 x 910 mm

Reel packing machine Lamb 1800 mm

Max. Reel diameter  1,45 m

max reel width: 1,8 m
20 rolls per hour capacity
Operation with 1 men possible

Lamb 1800 mm width max 20 Rolls per hour

Double drum rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur 2600 mm

Rewinder with shaftless pick up unwind stands, + trim blower and bale press

Jagenberg Vari Dur 2600 mm trimmed 1200 m/min

Synchro Sheet cutter Jagenberg 1650 mm refurbished

Used sheet cutter made by Jagenberg with complete overhauling in 2010

Year:                               1991
Rebuilding                        2010 machine and controls  - Siemens  S7
Working width                  1.650 mm
Max. Unwind Diameter      1.500 mm
Unwind stations                5
Max. Cut Length               1.600 mm
Min. Cur Length               420 mm
Speed max.                     350 m/min.

Jagenberg 35 - 165 1650 mm 350 m/min

Adhesive label production machine

Year of manufaction: 1994

Max. width of paper: 320mm

Machine can be used for cutting or punching adhesive labels

The machine has unwinding unit, controls for the roll, rotary die cutter, longtitudinal cutter

10 longtitudinal knifes, 4 winding shafts 25+40+50+76/ + replacement parts

Condition is used but good

Magnetic brake replaced in 2018


Faust Maschinenbau F 400S 320mm

Tecnomat EVO 76 TK foil coating machine

For sale is this Tecnomat EVO 76 TK foil coating machine from 2013, refurbished 2014.

Hot knife for cutting Polyester-, Polyethylene- and structure foils included

Min. format:  210 x 297 mm

Max. format: 720 x 1020 mm

Max. speed: 50m/min

Additional cutting unit with controllable rewind included -> Advantage: Only the required part of the foil is cut, rest is saved.



Tecnomac Srl Teconomat EVO 76 TK - 50m/min

Foil converting machine

Sheet size min : 32 x 65cm

Sheet size max: 120 x 165 cm

Weight of paper sheet: 100-600 g/m2

Rotating hot knife for Polyester and structure foils

Monitor control system for separation quality in the machine

Side pull mark

With water heated sheet cleaning calander

Oil/Water heating

Non-stop feeder

Non-stop filler

Size of the machine : +550mm

Palette feeder : up to 1600mm height

Max. weight of stacking: 1800 KG

Reinforced foil unwinding: Ø 600mm foil roll

Regulation of the paper tension control for the foil

Control of the cracks in the foil/ Foil unwinding

Foil cutting system with upwinder for the rests

Ionization system

Powder plant Grafix Digitronik

Piab system for suction vacuum







Ecosystem Aqua 120 Foil laminating machine 1190mm 90m/min

Gluing machine

For sale is a pasting machine made by Kirby's converting machinery LTD.

Kirby's Converting Machinery LTD. PCG 141

stitching machine

second hand stitching machine


Paper coating machine Jagenberg 1620 mm

Second hand paper coating machine which was used for lacquer coating of paper and foils (min 80 mic)

Working width 1.62m

Corona treatment station in front of coating head

2 coating devices

- 1 roll coater

- 1 gravure (approx. 20 years old installed retrospectively)

Only one commissioned work can be used per operation

Ca 18m sheet roll dryer Thermal oil heated

1 steam humidifier

Additional unwinder with laminating station installed ca 2013

Max roll diameter approx. 1 m

Kardan and belt drive


Jagenberg 1620 mm