Finishing / Converting

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Rotary Semi-Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine

Specification of Rotary Semi-Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine

Max. die cutting speed 120m/min (Rotary)
65m/min (Semi-rotary)
Max. die cutting length 190.5-539.75mm (Rotary)
100-350mm (Semi-rotary)
Max. die cutting width 300mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. unwinder diameter 700mm
Max. rewinder diameter 600mm
Die cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Slitting width 20-300mm
Power supply 380V, 3-phase
Weight 2400kg
Overall Dimension 3200×1680×1660mm
Wity ZM 320 310 mm

Guillotine Polar Mohr 137

Polar Mohr 137 1370

Synchro Sheet cutter Jagenberg 1650 mm refurbished

Used sheet cutter made by Jagenberg with complete overhauling in 2010

Year:                               1991
Rebuilding                        2010 machine and controls  - Siemens  S7
Working width                  1.650 mm
Max. Unwind Diameter      1.500 mm
Unwind stations                5
Max. Cut Length               1.600 mm
Min. Cur Length               420 mm
Speed max.                     350 m/min.

Jagenberg 35 - 165 1650 mm 350 m/min

Gluing machine

For sale is a pasting machine made by Kirby's converting machinery LTD.

Kirby's Converting Machinery LTD. PCG 141

stitching machine

second hand stitching machine


Paper coating machine Jagenberg 1620 mm

Second hand paper coating machine which was used for lacquer coating of paper and foils (min 80 mic)

Working width 1.62m

Corona treatment station in front of coating head

2 coating devices

- 1 roll coater

- 1 gravure (approx. 20 years old installed retrospectively)

Only one commissioned work can be used per operation

Ca 18m sheet roll dryer Thermal oil heated

1 steam humidifier

Additional unwinder with laminating station installed ca 2013

Max roll diameter approx. 1 m

Kardan and belt drive


Jagenberg 1620 mm

turrent unwind stand

Roll width: 1800mm

1roll max dia. 1200mm

Between the 2 unwinding rolls the distance is 95cm

2rolls with a maximum diameter of 90cm

Turrent unwind station 1800 mm

Guillotine Perfecta SEYPA 92-4

Used Guillotine Perfecta SEYPA 92-4

Perfecta SEYPA 92-4

Slitter Rewinder

Second hand / used slitter rewinder:

Unwind diam.: 1700mm

Rewind diam.: 1800mm

10 Slitting knives (more possible)

Hydraulic drives

mechanical speed: 1600m/min.

Min. slitt width: 180mm

Normal core sizes: 70 - 76mm. Bigger cores is possible.


Goebel U 16 S 4700 mm 1600 m/min

Guillotine Perfecta Polygraph 107

Compact reasonable priced guillotine made by Perfecta

Perfecta Bautzen Polygraph 107 107 cm