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Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder with log saw
Year of make  1998
Working width - 2700mm
Model    716 B
Fully programmable in winder and log saw
Unwind width = 2700mm
Unwind diameter = 1200mm
Core dia = 70mm
Power Supply = 380 Volts - 3 Ph  50 Hz
54 kW  -  50 kA
The Machine and can be seen running.
Perini Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder 2700 mm -

Double drum Rewinder Voith Vari Flex 4740 mm

Second hand double drum rewinder made by Voith paper type Vari Flex 

V-max: 2500 m/min 

Rewind diameter: 1500 mm 

Cutting width: 4740 mm

Knifes: 6 pairs 

Link to Voith:

Voith Paper Vari Flex 4740 mm 2500 m/min

Sheet cutter Jagenberg 2100 mm

Used sheet cutter Jagenberg, single-layered
2 unwind stations (flying splice)
Pallet changer (palettovitt), camera sorting and sheet counting
Vmax 400 m / min
Unwind diameter: 750-1600 mm
Unwind width: 500-1600 mm
Format length 550-1600 mm
Format width 450-2x1090 mm
Number of circular knives 6
Grammage range 115-350 g / m²
Knife load 810 g / m²
Jagenberg Sortierquerschneider für Karton 2100 mm 400 m/min

Bruderhaus rewinder 2450 mm with calander

Second hand rewinder made by Bruderhaus

Unwind: Tambour

Gross width: 2450 mm

trimmed width: 2450 mm

Grammage range: 30 - 700 g/m²

Unwind diameter 1.800 mm

Rewind diameter: 1.500 mm

V: 500 m/min

This machine is equipped with a 2 roll calander, new in year 2000, oil cooled

Drive new in year 2000


Bruderhaus 2450 mm net 500 m/min

Paper sheet packing machine

Used machine to pack paper into cardboard

This machine packs paper sheet staples in different sizes into cardboard sale packaging.


Paper sheet packing machine For cardboard packing A 4 / A 3

Ream wrapping machine Pasaban

Pasaban M1 folio Folio size