Finishing / Converting

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Bale press Paal Pacomat 2

Press power main press 27 to
Feed channel 1.000 x 650 mm (l x w)
Theoretic Troughput 200 cbm/h
Bale size 700 x 1.000 mm (w x h) length adjustable
Driving motor 20 kW
Tying system 4-fold horizontal, fully automated
Bale weight approx. 400 kg

Paal Pacomat 2 2 -

Coating machine width 1200 mm

1200 mm 100 m/h

Beam cutting press

Machine: PFD 20/9/15 0T

Punching pressure 150t

Punching area: 2050 x 910 mm

1x additional punching tape

It has a lowering unit and 4 cylinders arranged in parallel orientation




Sipad PFD Version 2001 2050 x 910 mm

Bruderhaus rewinder 2450 mm with calander

Second hand rewinder made by Bruderhaus

Unwind: Tambour

Gross width: 2450 mm

trimmed width: 2450 mm

Grammage range: 30 - 700 g/m²

Unwind diameter 1.800 mm

Rewind diameter: 1.500 mm

V: 500 m/min

This machine is equipped with a 2 roll calander, new in year 2000, oil cooled

Drive new in year 2000


Bruderhaus 2450 mm net 500 m/min

Cassoli Pac 110 for tissue rolls

Second hand / used packing machine for tissue rolls

Cassoli Pac 110

fully automatic

is able to pack 2, 4, 6 tissue rolls

produce 60 bis 80 p/min

Cassoli Pac 110 60 to 80 packs per minute

DIN A4 paper line with wrapping and packing

Manufacturer Will      

Manufacturing Year    1974
Paper width mm    1150      

Type    SLK 115      
Speed m/min    250      

Max unwind.    1500      

Complete A4-Line with wrapping line

Five reel unwinding stand
lifting carriage from floor level
reel centering cart in the floor
Over head paper transfer, five paper web decurlers

Main Will machine
Punching unit for holes, DIN 2, DIN 4, as well as Scandinavian standards
Slitting station with six slitters
trim suction with trim fan
Dust removal
Syncro Fly rotary cutting head set up for cutting length of 297 mm
(max rotary 1000 cuts per min)
Max knife load 420 gsm
Paper delivery in 5 pockets
PLC-Siemens S-7 300, added in 2009
Main drive: AC motor 30 Kw with Vacon VFD

possibility to add a cover sheet

Wrapmatic A4 ream wrapper
Nordson gluing station.
Unwinding stand for either paper or plastic, cutting with "cut to print" possible
Heat sealing at exit of wrapper
PLC - Siemens S7-300
Label machine

Possibility to bypass ream wrapper to put directly in boxes

Stacker, made Will
Type ACCU-25, made in 1993
rebuilt with safety gates in 2004
PLC- Siemens S7-300

Made by Meco Pack AB (Sweden)
Carton box maker and lid making boxing machine
Made in 1996
Label machine at exit, also with possibility for ink marking

Mosca strapping machine
with one turning table before and one after.
Able to put one or two straps, either cross or lengthwise.
Siemens PLC

Palletising machine
Automatic with possibility for several different patterns of palletising.
Made by Leng in 2004, (Sweden)

Will SLK115 1150 mm 250 m/min

Double drum rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur 2600 mm

Rewinder with shaftless pick up unwind stands, + trim blower and bale press

Jagenberg Vari Dur 2600 mm trimmed 1200 m/min

Tissue doubling machine and rewinder 5200 mm

Second hand tissue paper doubling machine and rewinder

1 Doubling machine with 2 unwind stands and multi motor drive

Width:  4800 – 5280 mm
V       =  2200 m/min
Drive side: right

 For tissue and crepe papers 17-26 g/m2

Unwind diameter: max. 2400 mm
Rewind diameter: max. 2200 mm

Drives with 500V

Voith Doubling machine and rewinder 4800 - 5280 mm 2200 m/min

Hanyoung Extrusion coating line

extrusion coating line with 2 separate extruders Fully automatic operation

Automatic splicing for rewinder/unwinder 2 coronas


  • Paper up to 150gsm,
  • Film PP, PET, BOPP, PVC up to 250mic Coating material : All polymers

Speed: 250m/min

Used occasionally the last 7 years


Excellent condition European electronics


The machine has produced :




Other details:

Web width max.: 1500mm Heating source for drying : Steam


  • Unwinder.
    • Type: Double shaft
    • Automatic splicer
    • Diam. Max.: 1000mm
    • Core diam. : 76mm (3 inches) ,150mm (6 inches) with adaptors
    • Control tension type : Automatic


  • Auxiliary unwinder
    • Type: Double
    • Diam. Max. :550mm
    • Core diam. :76mm (3 inches) ,150mm (6 inches) with adaptors
    • Control tension type :Automatic
  • Extruders:
    • Screw diam :90
    • Output capacity (Kg/h) : 140Kg/h
  • T- Die: 1500mm
    • Maker : HANYOUNG
    • Die opening : Yes
    • Die gap range : 5mic to 35mic
    • Available coating thickness: 5mic to 35mic
  • Rewinder:
    • type : Double
    • Automatic splicer
    • Diam. Max. : 1000mm
    • Core diam. :76mm (3 inches) ,150mm (6 inches) with adaptors
    • Control tension type: Automatic
Hanyoung Extrusion coating line

Foil converting machine

Sheet size min : 32 x 65cm

Sheet size max: 120 x 165 cm

Weight of paper sheet: 100-600 g/m2

Rotating hot knife for Polyester and structure foils

Monitor control system for separation quality in the machine

Side pull mark

With water heated sheet cleaning calander

Oil/Water heating

Non-stop feeder

Non-stop filler

Size of the machine : +550mm

Palette feeder : up to 1600mm height

Max. weight of stacking: 1800 KG

Reinforced foil unwinding: Ø 600mm foil roll

Regulation of the paper tension control for the foil

Control of the cracks in the foil/ Foil unwinding

Foil cutting system with upwinder for the rests

Ionization system

Powder plant Grafix Digitronik

Piab system for suction vacuum







Ecosystem Aqua 120 Foil laminating machine 1190mm 90m/min