Paper machines

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Kraftliner board paper machine 2950 mm

Second hand / used Kraftliner board paper machine 2950 mm

Basis Weight: 170 g/m² - 500 g/m²

Machine speed: 120 m/min (200 g/m²)

Paper Width: 2,950 mm

Capacity: 100 tpd

                            2,95 x 120 m/min x 200 g/m² x 1440 = 100 tpd

2950 mm 100 tpd

Tissue machine 2200mm NEW

Never used or installed  tissue paper machine:

it consists of technological line for production Tissue paper with capacity 20 T/D from 100 % virgin pulp and one Tissue machine working width 2,2 m capacity 10 T/D.

China 10t/d

Paper machine for MF tissue 3050 mm LOW PRICE

Second hand / used paper machine for MF tissue

Total width: 4.200 mm

Total length: 34.000 mm

Total height: 6.500 mm

Max. working width: 3.050 mm

Min. grammage: 17 g/m²

Max. grammage: 30 g/m²

Best speed: 90 - 95 m/min

Max. speed: 110 m/min


    - Pulped system in stainless steel

    - Pumpes, valves and pipes in stanless steel

    - Grinder and filter in cast iron and steel

    - Inlet box and adjustment in stainless steel

    - Maxhine frame in cast iron

    - Maxhine rollers in steel, stainless coated with rubber, glass fibre or copper

    - Bottom frame in cast iron

    - Hood above drying area in aluminium and steel

    - Fan and ventilation in aluminium and steel

    - Glitt in cast iron and steel

    - Rolling up machine in cast iron and steel

    - Knives and frame in cast iron and steel

    - Purificaton system (KROFTA) in stanless stell.

Fullner - 3050 mm 110 m/min

Paper machine for fluting paper, 2500 mm, 120 t/day

Second hand fourdriner paper machine

Drives wit 60 Hz !


Trim width: 2500 mm

Working speed: 150 - 350 m/min

Design speed: 400 m/min

Capacity: 120 t/d

Basis weight: 90 - 215 gsm

Drive: sectional drive BYDC and AC motor, belt pulley and reducer

Fourdrinier 2500 mm 120 t/d

Paper machine for corrugated medium board

Speed:  150-350 m/min
Design speed: 400 m/min
Capacity: 120 TONS/PER DAY
Grammage range: 90 GSM - 215 GSM


Asian Foundrinier 2500 mm 120 t/day

Board machine 2400 mm net width, 120 t/day


Paper Machine Manufacturer Name:              VOITH

Product Type:                                                        Solid Board

Wire Width:                                                            2900mm

Product Net Width:                                              2400mm

Working Speed:                                                      70-170m/min

Product Weight Range:                                         500-1100gsm

Total Length of Production Line:                          100m

Capacity:                                                                    120 ton/day


Production Line Description

Waste Paper Refining, Pulping, Cleaning, board machine,  Laminating -. Rewinder - Unloader Packing

Voith Board machine 2400 mm net width 120 t/day

Paper machine for graphical papers

Basic information: 

  • production capacity 290 000 tonnes

  • basic weight range 44 - 57 g/m2

  • widht 8.35 m

  • speed 1500 m/min

  • raw materials: groundwood pulp, thermomechanical pulp, chemical pulp and fillers


with stock preparation

Valmet Paper machine for graphical paper 8350 mm 1500 m/min

Tissue paper machine 2700 mm

Tissue machine:

manufacturer: Beloit

type: suction breast roll former

year of manufacturing: 1971

major rebuilds: 1984 drying system and 2004 Yankee cylinder

nominal width: 2720mm

trimmed width: 2680mm

design speed: 1600m/min

production speed: up to 1550m/min

grammage: 14 to 23GSM

production: 55 - 65ton/day

raw material: virgin pulp

drive voltage: 400V 50Hz

machine drive type: ABB (DC-440V)

Hood drive type: Siemens DC


key products: all type hankies, napkins, facials, toipa and kitchen towel

Without Rewinder

Beloit Suction press roll aprox 2700 mm 1500m/min

Fourdriner paper machine 15t/24 h

For sale used paper machine with a capacity of 15 t/24 h, with stock preparation for virgin pulp and boiler.

See below file for download.

Recard 2310 mm trim 15 t/d

Tissue paper machine 2650 mm with stock preparation

The machine is a modern design machine with crescent former, supplied by a Europe manufacturer. It has been designed according to modern trends – relatively small capacity, with waste paper as raw material.  The machine is producing high quality low gsm tissue paper for various use. The stock preparation is included in scope of supply.


Lowspeed Crescent Former

Trimmed width

2650 mm

Design speed:

600 m /min

Production speed:

up to 550 m/min


11 to 27 GSM


10 – 3 0%


28 ton /day

Raw material:

Deinked stock / virgin pulp

Machin  Drive type:

ABB (380V, 50 H z)

Toschi Lowspeed crescent former 2650 mm 28 t/day