Slitter Rewinder

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Slitter rewinder made by Goebel 2300 mm

Second hand  slitter rewinder

Working width: max. 2300 mm - min. 1000 mm

Cutting width: 70 mm

Max. machine speed: up to 120g/sqm: 800 m/min - up to 400g/sqm: 600 m/min

Max unwind diameter: 1500 mm

Reel diameter max: 1400 mm

Unwinding and winding weight max: 3000 kg


Electrical connection: 2 x 50 kW installed

Voltage: 3 x 400V - 50Hz

Tensile force max: 50 - 1000 N

Compressed air - pressure: 6 bar


Side edge control:

Manufacturer: E+L

Type: DO 2001



Manufacturer: Dienes PSGs-DF

3 x left - 2 x right



Pay-off chucks, take-up mandrels x1

Edge strip suction, various individual parts

Goebel U16H / 2500 2300 mm

Parkinson Mark II horizontal winding system

  1. One Parkinson Mark II Horizontal Winding System with Shaft Extractor and Roll Handling Equipment. Removed and in storage.

Excellent Condition – all equipment included

Installed 2013, Removed 2/2022

Less than 1000 operating hours

Web width up to 60 inches

3 inch card board cores

Slitters 16

Line Speed   3280 FPM

Maximum roll weight 2000 #

  1. One Overhead Crane 

2 Ton Capacity

Side rails length

Cross Beam length

  1. Two Atlas Air Compressors        
    1. Model ZA5
    2. Model ZE4
Parkinson Mark II 1520 mm / 60 inch 3280 FPM

Rewinder Jagenberg Vari Top width ca 8m

Jagenberg Vari Top ca. 8 m

Slitter rewinder 1800 mm SRC

Basic Material Specifications

Wet laid nonwovens + others

Thickness ranges from 350gsm – 450gsm

Minimum product tensile 100N/m


Unwind Section

Max web width 1800mm

Max rewind/unwind weight 250/300kgs

Max unwind roll diameter 1200mm

Braked unwind with load cell tension control

Automatic edge guider (+/- 50mm)

Reel lift arms on the unwind

Shaft-less unwind unit (min web width 400mm – max web width 1800mm)

Web splice and inspection table

Unwind cores i/d 76mm and 152mm chucking facilities


Nip Section

Driven draw rollers, with pneumatically actuated nip roller


Slitting Section

Rotary shear slitting (tangential)

16 individual shaft mounted female knives

16  individual pneumatic dovetail mounted shear slitting knives

Minimum slitting width 50mm

Normally slitting 300-400mm widths


Rewind Section

Simplex centre-surface rewind

Maximum rewind diameter 1200mm

Rewind mode – locked core (airshaft) – 1 off rewind airshaft 76mm

Off-loading the rewind support arms will lower to floor (similar to the Parkland system)

Rewind roll removal by pump truck with bogey arrangement as currently in use on the parkland system (not part of selling scope)

Two drive machine – one draw roller drive and one rewind roller drive

Machine speed 200mpm (maximum mechanical speed).

SRC 1800 mm

Core cutting machine Interroll Joki

Second hand / use core cutting machine

with dust collection system

with plating for about 5m core

Interroll Joki

Slitter Rewinder


Max.unwind diameter: 1420 mm

Roll width: 500 - 3300 mm

Roll weight (max.). 800 kg

Sleeve BM: 76 / 152

Rewind diameter (max.): 1000 mm

Width (min): 50 mm


Beca 3300 mm

Rewinder Quattrotec 5000 mm

Tambour unwinding

• Speed up to 1800 m/min

• Web Width  approx. 4300 mm

• Rewind end max dia 2100mm

• Unwinder max dia 2100mm

• Soft drum technology

• Min slitting width 50mm

• Rider roll controlled with control system

• Drum torque control

• Web tension control

• Automatic sequences

• Drives - ABB,SIEMENS Definded with customer

• Graphical HMI System


Vorwald - Quatrotec Double drum rewinder 4200 mm 1800 m/min

Rewinder Voith

Used rewinder from Voith.

Tambour unwinding

In 2006, electric motor drives and cutting knives (Tidland) were completely replaced
Drive speed after reconstruction (max):1200 m/min.

Right hand drive
Parent roll diametar (max): 2500 mm
Paren roll width (max): 3300 mm
Roll diametar after cutting (max): 1800 mm
Rol width after cutting (max): 3200 mm
Rol width after cutting (min): 300 mm
Core inner diametar: 76 mm i and 150 mm
Number of knives: 6 (six)

Voith Double drum rewinder 3300 mm 1200m/min

Rewinder Titan

Max web width (mm): 1600
Working width (mm): 1500
Unwinder type: Shafted
Max unwind: 1000
Max diameter reel unwinder: 800
Rewinder type: Double shaft center driven
Max rewind: 610
Max diameter reel rewinder: 600
Power: 45 KVA Voltage: 380-415 V

Current: 63A

Max Hydraulic: 100BAR

Max Pneumatic: 7 BAR

Overhauled in 2012

Titan SR6 1500 mm

turrent unwind stand

Roll width: 1800mm

1roll max dia. 1200mm

Between the 2 unwinding rolls the distance is 95cm

2rolls with a maximum diameter of 90cm

Turrent unwind station 1800 mm