Slitter Rewinder

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Double drum rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur 2600 mm

Rewinder with shaftless pick up unwind stands, + trim blower and bale press

Jagenberg Vari Dur 2600 mm trimmed 1200 m/min

Rewinder trim exhaust and baling line

Trim exhaust and baling line

Consiting of:

Suction fan Höcker Polytechnik SK 300
400v Engine 11 kW
air output 7,900 m2/h
Y.O.M. 1991
Fan wheel/hexler was renewed about 4 years ago

Welger automatic channel baler SB 2000L
Pressing force approx. 7 tons
Drive: 11 kW
Bale size: 400 x 500 mm; bale length is adjustable
Weight approx. 2 tons
separate filling nozzle for manual filling available

Air separators
Self-built steel for separating air and paper strips
incl. fabric hanging filter

Approx. 40 meters of pipe in different lengths; Arches


European Trim suction and baling line

turrent unwind stand

Roll width: 1800mm

1roll max dia. 1200mm

Between the 2 unwinding rolls the distance is 95cm

2rolls with a maximum diameter of 90cm

Turrent unwind station 1800 mm

Slitter Rewinder

Second hand / used slitter rewinder:

Unwind diam.: 1700mm

Rewind diam.: 1800mm

10 Slitting knives (more possible)

Hydraulic drives

mechanical speed: 1600m/min.

Min. slitt width: 180mm

Normal core sizes: 70 - 76mm. Bigger cores is possible.


Goebel U 16 S 4700 mm 1600 m/min

Rewinder Alan Dufy 2500 mm width

Second-hand rewinder, refurbished in year 2015

Working width: 2500 mm

Rewind diameter: 115 cm



Alan Duffy CS 1000 2500 mm 250 m/min

Rewinder Goebel U7 2300 mm

Rewinder Goebel U7 with tambour unwind station

Unwind diameter: 1200 mm

Rewind diameter: 1100 mm

V-max: Depending of product up to 400 m/min

Grammage range: 90 - 450 GSM

Goebel U 7 2300 mm

Slitter rewinder 1600mm Duffy Eagle Duplex

Second hand / used slitter rewinder:

Width: 1600 mm

Unwind diam.: 1000 mm

Rewind diam.: 600 mm

Duffy Eagle Duplex 1600 mm 300 m/min

Umroller 500 mm Tessla

Gebrauchter Umroller:

Shear Slit

500 mm width

600 mm O/D rewind (tbc)

600 mm O/D unwind (tbc)

Tessla 500 mm

Rewinder Goebel U 15

Used rewinder made approx 1970 type U 15 made by Goebel, width 2600 mm.

This machine will be available in 2021

Technical specifications
Max 1200 m/min
web width 1200 - 2670/2640 mm
Web tension at 70 g/m²: 550 - 600 N,
Web tension at 220 g/m²: 2000 N,
Max unwind diameter tambour: 2000 mm,
Max rewind diameter: 1200 mm,
Cores rewind: 70, 76, 150 mm

Tambour unwind and master roll unwinding with expansion shaft

Goebel U 15 2600 mm

Rewinder 1400 mm

Made by Wilky & Abelsmann GmbH / PVM - Düsseldorf

Year : 1980

Max. working width: 150 cm

Max. Unwind diameter: 140 cm

Max. rewind diameter: 140 cm

Hydraulic rewind with pneumatical disc brake 

pneumatical knife

max speed: 250lfm/min

shaftless undwind station

Wilky & Abelsmann GmbH / PVM - Düsseldorf floor pick up - shaftless 1400 mm 250 m/min