Slitter Rewinder

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Rewinder Voith

Used rewinder from Voith.

Tambour unwinding

In 2006, electric motor drives and cutting knives (Tidland) were completely replaced
Drive speed after reconstruction (max):1200 m/min.

Right hand drive
Parent roll diametar (max): 2500 mm
Paren roll width (max): 3300 mm
Roll diametar after cutting (max): 1800 mm
Rol width after cutting (max): 3200 mm
Rol width after cutting (min): 300 mm
Core inner diametar: 76 mm i and 150 mm
Number of knives: 6 (six)

Voith Double drum rewinder 3300 mm 1200m/min

Rewinder Goebel U 15

Second hand Rewinder Goebel U 15:

Working width: 3200mm

Unwind diameter max.: 2000mm

Rewind diameter max. 1250mm

Speed (depends on the quality of material) max.: 1200 m/min

Goebel U 15 3200 mm 1200 m/min

Goebel Rapid 1600 mm

Small Geobel Rapid rewinder width shaftless unwind stand

Goebel Rapid ca 1600 mm

Slitter rewinder made by Giese/Finaw meccanica Italy

Working width: 2400mm
Grammage: up to 80g/m2
Unwinding diameter: 1700mm
Rewinding diameter: 900mm
Installed power KW.23

Giese/Finaw meccanica Italy DVM 2400 mm

Shaftless pick-up unwind stand 1400 mm

Roll diameter: max 1250 mm Roll diameter min: 500 mm Roll width: max 1400 mm min: 400 mm in the middle Roll weight max.: 1500 kg Web tension max: 80 -1120 N Max. unwind speed: 400 m/min Operating voltage: 400 V 50 Hz Max operating pressure of the hydraulics: 150 bar Max operating pressure of the pneumatics: 6 bar Weight: about 2500 kg
Spanntec Shaftless pick-up unwind stand 1400 mm

Rewinder for heavy grammage materials 1950 mm

Used machine:

Manufacturer: Hofmann& Schwabe

Eclectic concept: CT Emerson

Rated current: 315 Amp

Drives: kaiser DC motors

Gearbox: SEW bevel gearbox

Power rewind station 1: 18 KW

Power rewind station 2: 30 KW

Drive type: digi. Tyristor controller

Communication: Siemens S5 CPU 945

Production speed: 60m/min

web tension rewind station 1: 1000N

web tension rewind station 2: 2000N

Material thickness: 1,5mm

Roll diameter: 1500mm

Roll width: 1950mm

Hofmann& Schwabe 1950 mm

Rewinder Nicely 1450 mm

Thickness of materials  0,075 mm - 0,6 mm

Weight loading capacity: Max 2000 kg

Material width: 500 mm - 1450 mm

Unwind core diameter: 76,2 / 152,4 mm paper core

Max rewind diameter: 600 mm

Rewind core diameter: 75,2 / 152,4 mm

Mechanical speed: 250 m/min

Nicely Taiwan 1450 mm 250 m/min

Rewinder Quattrotec 5000 mm

Tambour unwinding

• Speed up to 1800 m/min

• Web Width  approx. 4300 mm

• Rewind end max dia 2100mm

• Unwinder max dia 2100mm

• Soft drum technology

• Min slitting width 50mm

• Rider roll controlled with control system

• Drum torque control

• Web tension control

• Automatic sequences

• Drives - ABB,SIEMENS Definded with customer

• Graphical HMI System


Vorwald - Quatrotec Double drum rewinder 4200 mm 1800 m/min

Slitter Rewinder Cameron 2300 mm

Cameron Winder Type 680 with three-motor electric drive

Control system renewed in 2015

Type of slitting machine: - T 680 Duplex

Material: PP3290 Paper/Cardboard/Laminates 30 300 gsm



Max Width: 2300 mm

Max diameter: 1500 mm

Unwinding device: type MT with fixed width;. Loading by crane, counter-current brake for paper machine sleeves



width max 2300 mm

Max: rewind diameter 150 mm

web speed 1300 m /min

nominal speed . Determined by the quality and thickness of the paper

rewind shafts For sleeves 70, 76, 100 and 150 mm


Cameron T 680 2300 mm 1300 m/min

Board rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur 33 - 18 2400 mm

Pick up unwind station.

Trimmed width: 2400 mm

Rewind diameter max.: 1830 mm

min cut width: 200 mm

Qt: Knifes: 8

Rewind cor diameter: 70 mm, 150 mm, 300 mm,



380 V

Drive: 2 x 65 Kw


Jagenberg Vari Dur 33-18 2400 mm 600 m /min