Slitter Rewinder

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Bruderhaus rewinder 2450 mm with calander

Second hand rewinder made by Bruderhaus

Unwind: Tambour

Gross width: 2450 mm

trimmed width: 2450 mm

Grammage range: 30 - 700 g/m²

Unwind diameter 1.800 mm

Rewind diameter: 1.500 mm

V: 500 m/min

This machine is equipped with a 2 roll calander, new in year 2000, oil cooled

Drive new in year 2000


Bruderhaus 2450 mm net 500 m/min

Slitter Rewinder Cameron 2300 mm

Cameron Winder Type 680 with three-motor electric drive

Control system renewed in 2015

Type of slitting machine: - T 680 Duplex

Material: PP3290 Paper/Cardboard/Laminates 30 300 gsm



Max Width: 2300 mm

Max diameter: 1500 mm

Unwinding device: type MT with fixed width;. Loading by crane, counter-current brake for paper machine sleeves



width max 2300 mm

Max: rewind diameter 150 mm

web speed 1300 m /min

nominal speed . Determined by the quality and thickness of the paper

rewind shafts For sleeves 70, 76, 100 and 150 mm


Cameron T 680 2300 mm 1300 m/min

Slitter rewinder 1600mm Duffy Eagle Duplex

Second hand / used slitter rewinder:

Width: 1600 mm

Unwind diam.: 1000 mm

Rewind diam.: 600 mm

Duffy Eagle Duplex 1600 mm 300 m/min

Slitter rewinder Dusenbery 2000 mm

1. General
Model: 281
Speed:Foil Max. 400 m/min
          Cardboard Max. 70 m/min
2. Unwinder
Roll weight: max. 1600 kg
Roll diameter: max 1250 mm
Roll width: min. 900 mm
Max. 2050
Foil tension: min 0.4 N/cm (82 N/2050 mm)
Max. 10N/cm (2050N/2050mm)
Minimum roll diameter for role recording from floor: 400mm
Sleeve width: min 900 mm max 2050
Sleeve inner diameter: 152 mm

3. Rewinder
Roll weight: max. 1600 kg
Roll diameter: max. 1250 mm
Roll width: 2050 max

Dusenbery 502 SJ unwind 2000 mm

Slitter rewinder made by Giese/Finaw meccanica Italy

Working width: 2400mm
Grammage: up to 80g/m2
Unwinding diameter: 1700mm
Rewinding diameter: 900mm
Installed power KW.23

Giese/Finaw meccanica Italy DVM 2400 mm

Slitter rewinder 1800 mm Goebel monoslit

Second hand slitter rewinder:

Speed max.: 800 mm

Working width: Max. 1.800 mm - Min: 400 mm

Cutting width: 250 - 1.800 mm

Roll weight max.: 1.500 kg

Material thickness: 8- 100μm

Outer diameter max.: unwind max.: 1.200 mm, rewind max.: 1.000 mm


Backing roll winder

Two cutting stations

Cutting with either standing or rotating knife

Goebel Monoslit 119 1800 mm

Slitter Rewinder Goebel Optislit 2000 mm

Second hand slitter rewinder:

Speed max.. 1600 mm

Working width: Max. 2000 mm - Min: 440 mm

Cutting width: 170 - 1995 mm

Outer diameter max.: 1250 mm

Products: Metalized ore white paper, labels, packaging, giftwrap, foils, nonwoven

Rebuilts: 1998 and 2017


Backing roll winder

Two cutting stations

Single- and block winding

Cutting with a circular knife shaft

Semi-automatic packing station

Goebel Optislit 118 2000 mm

Goebel Rapid 1600 mm

Small Geobel Rapid rewinder width shaftless unwind stand

Goebel Rapid ca 1600 mm

Rewinder Goebel U 15

Second hand Rewinder Goebel U 15:

Working width: 3200mm

Unwind diameter max.: 2000mm

Rewind diameter max. 1250mm

Speed (depends on the quality of material) max.: 1200 m/min

Goebel U 15 3200 mm 1200 m/min

Slitter Rewinder Goebel U 16 2600 mm

Second hand slitter rewinder Goebel U 16:

Working width: 2600 mm

Eintry diam.: 2200 mm

Roll diam: 1400 mm

Speed: 1500 m/min

Grammage: 65 - 245 gsm

Number of knives: 6

Goebel U 16 2600 mm