Slitter Rewinder

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Slitter rewinder for different uses

SIA s1659 1200 mm 100 m/min

Rewinder 1400 mm

Made by Wilky & Abelsmann GmbH / PVM - Düsseldorf

Year : 1980

Max. working width: 150 cm

Max. Unwind diameter: 140 cm

Max. rewind diameter: 140 cm

Hydraulic rewind with pneumatical disc brake 

pneumatical knife

max speed: 250lfm/min

shaftless undwind station

Wilky & Abelsmann GmbH / PVM - Düsseldorf floor pick up - shaftless 1400 mm 250 m/min

Rewinder Titan

Max web width (mm): 1600
Working width (mm): 1500
Unwinder type: Shafted
Max unwind: 1000
Max diameter reel unwinder: 800
Rewinder type: Double shaft center driven
Max rewind: 610
Max diameter reel rewinder: 600
Power: 45 KVA Voltage: 380-415 V

Current: 63A

Max Hydraulic: 100BAR

Max Pneumatic: 7 BAR

Overhauled in 2012

Titan SR6 1500 mm

Slitter rewinder 1600mm Duffy Eagle Duplex

Second hand / used slitter rewinder:

Width: 1600 mm

Unwind diam.: 1000 mm

Rewind diam.: 600 mm

Duffy Eagle Duplex 1600 mm 300 m/min

Slitter rewinder 1600 mm Ashe

second hand / used slitter rewinder

working width: 1600 mm

Speed: 1000 m/min

Max. speed: 700 mpm

Max. web width: 1650 mm

Max. unwind dia.: 1300 mm

Max. unwind weight: 2.000 kg

Max. rewind dia.: 800 mm

Max. rewind weight: 400 kg

Ashe 1600 mm 1000 m/min

Slitter rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur 1800 mm

Double drum rewinder 
Series:                        VARI Dur
Type:                         TR 33 – 15/500
Working width:             1.800 mm
For Grammage range:         52 Gsm
Max speed:                 1.500 mm
Max unwind diameter:         1.525 mm
Max roll weight:            6 tons
Min roll diameter:             500 mm
Min reel width:            350 mm
Max. RPM:                3.400 / min
Usual min cut width:             150 mm
single rolls:                 100 mm
Max rewind diameter:        1.525 mm
Min:                    470 mm

Jagenberg Vari Dur 1800 mm

turrent unwind stand

Roll width: 1800mm

1roll max dia. 1200mm

Between the 2 unwinding rolls the distance is 95cm

2rolls with a maximum diameter of 90cm

Turrent unwind station 1800 mm

Rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur 1800 mm

Max roll width 1800 mm

Min roll width 400 mm

Max unwinding diameter 1500 mm

min unwinding diameter: 400 mm

Max Roller Weight 3200 kp

Inner diameter of sleeves (unwinding rollers) 70 and 150 mm

Jagenberg Vari Dur 1800 mm

Rewinder Goebel 4

Second hand / used rewinder Goebel 4

Upgraded to run 16-40gsm papers (and above)

Trim width 2400mm

Min coil width 60mm

Max coil diameter 1100mm

Max parent roll diameter 1500mm

Max Parent roll weight – 2000kg

Max operating speed 600mpm

16 front knife assemblies

22 back knife blocks, with spare set 2x brake units

Rewind hydraulic kick-out arm

Associated control and monitoring system including meter recording, speed, tension control and guardingHydraulic Shaft less unwind with 7.5” air chucks.  (overhead crane not required)

Updated variable speed drive[ac electric]upgraded approx. 2010 [originally hydraulic drive]

3 mandrills - 76mm shells.  (2xinflatable & 1xfixed)

Manuals available (in German)

Goebel UVIIM 2400 mm 600 m/min

Bruderhaus rewinder 2450 mm with calander

Second hand rewinder made by Bruderhaus

Unwind: Tambour

Gross width: 2450 mm

trimmed width: 2450 mm

Grammage range: 30 - 700 g/m²

Unwind diameter 1.800 mm

Rewind diameter: 1.500 mm

V: 500 m/min

This machine is equipped with a 2 roll calander, new in year 2000, oil cooled

Drive new in year 2000


Bruderhaus 2450 mm net 500 m/min