Sheet cutter / Cross cutter

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Sheetcutter KS/P 1700 made by Pasaban

Pasaban KS/P 1700

Sheet cutter Jagenberg 2200 mm

Second hand sheet cutter:

Type: Syn.Speed 35-21500

Max. speed: 200m/min

Max. width (w/o trim): 2200mm

Max width (w trim): 2150 mm

Unwinder max. diam.: 1300mm

Unwinder min. diam: 400mm

Length min-max.: 430 - 1500 mm

Max. number of knives: 6

Material density: max. 600

Core diam: 70,76,152

Number of stations: 6

Control: S7 from 2015


Jagenberg Syn.Speed 35-21500 1 - 3 t/h

Sheet cutter for board ca 3000 mm

Sheet cutter for board with pick up unwind stand and palletizer

European ca 3000 mm width

Sheet cutter for pressboard

- Cutting device lengthwise and crosswise for cutting pressed board

- Longitudinal working width approx. 2,300 mm

- Cross working width approx. 4,400 mm

- Without SPS control, control takes place via light barriers, pneumatics and time relay

- Cutting technology: cutting knife

- Stepless positioning of the knives along the knife rollers

- The immersion depth of the knives can be adjusted

- Partial original documentation available

- Dimensions of cutterbars, feed table, deflection table, discharge table: 11.0 x 7 m (L x W)

Central Adams

Sheet cutter for cutting foils

Max. Material width: 1700 mm

Max. Roll diameter: 800 mm

Inner diameter sleeves: 152 mm (6'')

Max. Roll weight: 750 kg

Min. stack length: 250 mm

Max. stack length: 2200 mm

Power supply: 3*400V / 50Hz + MP and protective conductor

Rated operating current: 12 KVA

Fuse protection: 32A

Compressed air system pressure: min. 5 bar

Compressed air consumption: approx. 100-150l (normal liter / min)

Ambient temperature: +18°C to +24°C

Tolerance: up to 1000 mm length +/- 0,5 mm

              from 1000 mm length +/- 0,5%

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