Sheet cutter / Cross cutter

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Sheet cutter Hobema 1260 mm width - 4 unwind stands

Max: 160m/min

Max Width(w/o Trim) mm:1.260

Min Width(w/o Trim) mm: 1.220

Unwinder Max Diameter mm: 1.250

Unwinder Min Diameter mm: 400

Max GSM: 400

Core diameter:70, 76. 152

Number of unwind stations: 4


Hobema 101-L

Sheet cutter Pasaban KB 1670

Max m/min: 150-300 m/min
Max Width(w/o Trim) mm:1.550
Min Width(w/o Trim) mm: 1.500
Unwinder Max Diameter mm: 1.500
Max numbers of Knife: 8
Max Basis Wt.*1 g/m2: max 600
Number of stations: 5

Pasaban 1550 mm max width 0,6 - 1,9 t/h

Sheet cutter for board ca 3000 mm

Sheet cutter for board with pick up unwind stand and palletizer

European ca 3000 mm width

Paper finishing line with modern PASABAN sheet cutter

aper finishing line, consiting of the following main components. We prefer to sell the line as a whole, but also individual machines.

Sheet cutter 1

Made by:                                              Pasaban

Type:                                                  KB 16700 mm

Made in                                              2000s

Max m/min:                                        150-300 m/min

Max Width (w/o Trim) mm:                1.550

Max Width(w/ Trim) mm:                   1.500

Umwinder max diameter mm:           1.500

Unwinder Min Diameter mm:             400

Winder Max Diameter mm:                297-800

Max Reel Weight kg:                         210-700

Max numbers of Knife:                      8

Max Basis Wt.*1 g/m2: max              400

Core diameter:                                   70,76,152

Number of stations:                           5




Sheet cutter 2

Supplier:                                             Hobema

Type:                                                  101-L

Made in                                              1990 ies

Max m/min :                                       75m/min A4 160m/min 450X640

Max Width (w/o Trim) mm:                1.260

Max Width(w/ Trim) mm:                   1.220

Umwinder max diameter mm:           1.250

Unwinder Min Diameter mm:             400

Winder Max Diameter mm:                270-650

Max Reel Weight kg:                         210-520

Max numbers of Knife:                       5

Max Basis Wt.*1 g/m2:                      max 400

Core diameter:                                   70,76,152

Number of stations:                           4





Ream wrapper small size

Supplier:                                             Beck

Type:                                                  PB 600 SP/V

Made in                                              1990 ies

Max m/min:                                        12-14 cycle/min

Winder Max Diameter mm:                210-325

Max Reel Weight kg:                         325-455


Guillotine 1

Supplier:                                             Perfecta

Made in                                              2000 s

Max m/min:                                        600-920 Kg/shift

Winder Max Diameter mm:                57-920

Max Reel Weight kg:                         85-920

Max numbers of knife:                       1



Guillotine 2


Supplier:                                             Wohlenberg

Type:                                                  MCS 3115

Installed in                                          2000 s

Max numbers of knife:                       1


Packing belt 1

Supplier:                                             Diverse

Type:                                                  power master 10481

Made in:                                             1980 ies

Installed in                                          2010

Max m/min:                                        max 30 pal/h

Max width(w/o Trim) mm:                  2400




Supplier:                                             Beck

Type: super                                        400

Made in:                                             2000 s

Max m/min:                                        max 40 cycle/min




Counting machine sheet

Supplier:                                             Gremser

Type:                                                  FN35NS

Made in:                                             2000 s

Max m/min:                                        max 40 cycle/min


Paper Press


Type:                                                  CC30V

Installed:                                            in 2000 s



Sheet cutter for pressboard

- Cutting device lengthwise and crosswise for cutting pressed board

- Longitudinal working width approx. 2,300 mm

- Cross working width approx. 4,400 mm

- Without SPS control, control takes place via light barriers, pneumatics and time relay

- Cutting technology: cutting knife

- Stepless positioning of the knives along the knife rollers

- The immersion depth of the knives can be adjusted

- Partial original documentation available

- Dimensions of cutterbars, feed table, deflection table, discharge table: 11.0 x 7 m (L x W)

Central Adams

Sheet cutter for cutting foils

Max. Material width: 1700 mm

Max. Roll diameter: 800 mm

Inner diameter sleeves: 152 mm (6'')

Max. Roll weight: 750 kg

Min. stack length: 250 mm

Max. stack length: 2200 mm

Power supply: 3*400V / 50Hz + MP and protective conductor

Rated operating current: 12 KVA

Fuse protection: 32A

Compressed air system pressure: min. 5 bar

Compressed air consumption: approx. 100-150l (normal liter / min)

Ambient temperature: +18°C to +24°C

Tolerance: up to 1000 mm length +/- 0,5 mm

              from 1000 mm length +/- 0,5%

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Robust FSM

Sheet cutter Strecker 1600 mm

Second hand sheet cutter:

Speed max.: 120 m/min (approx. 70 m/min)

Working width max.: 1.630 mm

Cutting width: 400 - 1.630 mm

Cutting length: 400 - 1.650 mm

Reels: min.: 3 reels

Outer diameter max. : 1.060 mm

Rebuilt: 1999 and 2016


Format / sheet cutting of up to 8 reels at the same time

Cutting of multiple format depending on the sheet size

Simoultaneous edge trimming

Automatic splice detection for ejecting the splices

Strecker ECR 1600 1630 mm

Board sheet cutter Pasaban 1600 mm

Used board sheet cutter Pasaban 1600 mm . Still in production.

Pasaban 1600 mm 1600 mm