Sheet cutter / Cross cutter

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Sheet cutter for cutting foils

Max. Material width: 1700 mm

Max. Roll diameter: 800 mm

Inner diameter sleeves: 152 mm (6'')

Max. Roll weight: 750 kg

Min. stack length: 250 mm

Max. stack length: 2200 mm

Power supply: 3*400V / 50Hz + MP and protective conductor

Rated operating current: 12 KVA

Fuse protection: 32A

Compressed air system pressure: min. 5 bar

Compressed air consumption: approx. 100-150l (normal liter / min)

Ambient temperature: +18°C to +24°C

Tolerance: up to 1000 mm length +/- 0,5 mm

              from 1000 mm length +/- 0,5%

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Robust FSM

Sheet cutter, Strecker Bruderhaus ca1000 mm width 8 unwind stands

Well maintained sheet cutter made by Strecker Bruderhaus

Strecker Bruderhaus ca. 1000 mm

DIN A4 Sheet cutter 1600mm

Second hand / used sheet cutter:

Pockets: 10

Speed: 184 reams/min

Number of unwind stands: 6

Max reel diameter: 1600mm

Max weight: 6500kg

Auto tensio control: yes (calculate)

Diameter base control: yes


Packaging lines:

Wrapping unit: Pemco 39S

Boxing unit: Pemco 162

Label unit: Collamat

Strapping unit: Mosca RO-TRS-4/1

Palletiser: MAK-tekniikka

Pemco SLK 490-216-10-RL max. 450m/min

Board sheet cutter Simplex SYNCHRO 28, 2400 mm

Jagenberg simplex cross cutter model SYNCHRO 28, 2400 mm working width
for processing various types of cardboard 180 - 450 g/sqm


Cross knife load :       700 - 800 g/sqm depending on the cleanliness of the cut Cutting

Accuracy:                   up to 1000 mm sheet length + 1 mm over 1000 mm sheet length. + 1 0/00 measured on consecutive sheets of the same Role

Longitudinal cut:         narrow cutting width 400 mm

Format range             600 - 1800 mm

max. speed...              250 m/min. in continuous operation: max. speed 150 m/min. when changing stacks with bar grating :


Included in scope of supply is a pallet packing machine


Jagenberg Simplex synchro sheet cutter SYNCHRO 28 2400 mm ca 200 m/min

Board sheet cutter Jagenberg 2150 mm

Jagenberg 2150 mm width 2150 mm 350 m/min

Compact sheet cutter 1400 mm SHM

Manufacturer:       SHM Strachan Henshaw
Cut width:            1400 mm
Working speed:    200 m/mm max. (depending on material and sheet length)    
Knife load:           600 g/m²
Cut length:           400 mm – 1.500 mm

Unwind stands:    
Unwind reel diameter:    1.000 mm
Reel width:        1.400 mm

Pile height:        1.300 mm (with pallet)
Power supply:    standard three-phase
Air supply:         5,5 bars
Air consumption:   0,085 m³/mn

Machine dimensions:
-    High speed:   Length: 5,2 m
-    Compact:      Length: 3,1 m, Width: 1,9 m, Heigth: 1,9 m   

SHM Strachan Henshaw 1400 mm 200 m/min

Synchro Sheet cutter Jagenberg 1650 mm refurbished

Used sheet cutter made by Jagenberg with complete overhauling in 2010

Year:                               1991
Rebuilding                        2010 machine and controls  - Siemens  S7
Working width                  1.650 mm
Max. Unwind Diameter      1.500 mm
Unwind stations                5
Max. Cut Length               1.600 mm
Min. Cur Length               420 mm
Speed max.                     350 m/min.

Jagenberg 35 - 165 1650 mm 350 m/min

Board sheet cutter Pasaban 1600 mm

Used board sheet cutter Pasaban 1600 mm . Still in production.

Pasaban 1600 mm 1600 mm