Mother reel packing machines

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Small reel packing machine made by Cyklop

Cyklop Reel packing machine

Roll wrapping machine 2200 mm

Modern mother reel packing machine in very good and working condition. No refurbishments or upgrades necessary to run the machinery inbetween EU. The machine is immediately available.

Modern Reel packing machine

Made by:                                           Lamb

Technical specification 

Reel width max.:                             2160mm, min. 380mm (restriction - below 380mm

                                                       several rolls must be packed together.

Roll diameter:                                 max. Ø1200mm, min. Ø450mm

Roll weight max.                             approx. 2000kg

Capacity:                                        30 rolls/hour (Ø1000mm x W=1000mm)


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European Strip packing type 380 - 2200 mm

Reel packing machine 500 - 2040 mm width

Second hand / used roll packing machine

Reel width: 500 mm - 2040 mm

Reel diameter: 450 mm - 1350 mm


Dimensions of the reel packaging machine:
Length:  13,0 m
Width:    5,0 m
Height:  4,1 m

PAMA 500 - 2040 mm width one worker 1 reel in 7 minutes

Reel packing machine Lamb 1800 mm

Max. Reel diameter  1,45 m

max reel width: 1,8 m
20 rolls per hour capacity
Operation with 1 men possible

Lamb 1800 mm width max 20 Rolls per hour