Mother reel packing machines

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Strapping machine Signode Modulex

Rotating disc: diam. 2.570mm

Rolls: 2.000mm

Signode Modulex

Small reel packing machine made by Cyklop

Cyklop Reel packing machine

Reel packing machine 500 - 2040 mm width

Second hand / used roll packing machine

Reel width: 500 mm - 2040 mm

Reel diameter: 450 mm - 1350 mm


Dimensions of the reel packaging machine:
Length:  13,0 m
Width:    5,0 m
Height:  4,1 m

PAMA 500 - 2040 mm width one worker 1 reel in 7 minutes

Reel packing machine Lamb 1800 mm

Max. Reel diameter  1,45 m

max reel width: 1,8 m
20 rolls per hour capacity
Operation with 1 men possible

Lamb 1800 mm width max 20 Rolls per hour