Ream wrapping machines

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Paper sheet packing machine

Used machine to pack paper into cardboard

This machine packs paper sheet staples in different sizes into cardboard sale packaging.


Paper sheet packing machine For cardboard packing A 4 / A 3

Wrapmatic GRM Reams Wrapping Machine

Wrapping Machine:

manufacturer: Wrapmatic

year of manufacturing: 1994

mechanical speed: 14 reams/min

operator: 1 operator on ream feed + service for pallet change

paper weight: 70 to 400g/m²

max ream weight: 40kg

Supplied as a turn-key installation


The machine is now completely overhauled "as new" and supply with:

- PLC replacement of existing Siemens S5 to Siemens S7-300(upgrade)

- Operator panel replacement with new panel touch screen (upgrade)

- Overhauling of mechanical, electrical, pneumatical parts, partial painting supervising for installation, operation tests, operator training

- 5 days of free after start-up assistance. Client will pay only travel and board expenses of our engineers.

Wrapmatic Wrapmatic GRM 14 reams/min