Low denisty cleaner system

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Several cleaner banks with Voith KS 160 cleaners

Original Voith made Cleaner banks made in stainless steel with Voith KS 160 LC cleaners

Voith KS 160

Cleaner cones Voith HCL5 EcoMizer

132 unit Cleaner cones Voith HCL5 EcoMizer. Cones only. No piping. 

Voith HCL5 (EcoMizer)

Cleaner plant Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ



Cleanpac 700 HO     The Cleanpac 700 can be installed in virtually all forward cleaning application e.g. virgin and secondary fibre, stock preparation and approach flow systems. The Cleanpac 700 is the most versatile cleaner on the market and it was the first cleaner with the innovative system design based on satellite assemblies with its unmatched plant flexibility. The satellites are manufactured in standard configurations of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cleaners. Satellites are mounted on distribution headers with space for 2-14 satellites. Plants can easily be expanded through the addition of new satellites, or replacing existing ones with larger satellites. The Cleanpac 700 is the technology leader with its high cleaning efficiency, low reject rates and good runnability. The cleaner can be equipped with High capacity (HQ) inlet head, which is suitable for filler loaded applications where you want to save as much filler as possible and still maintain high cleaning efficiency. The cleaner incorporates all the reliability features of the twin-wall design; workers safety protection plugs for outer shells (no need for immediate replacement of a broken cone) easily replaceable wear parts.

Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

Lamort Gyroclean

Lamort Gyroclean G2 L 70 - 200 m³

Low consistency cleaner Voith type 600

Used LC cleaner made by Voith, made in stainless steel,  cons. up to 0,8% , 200 - 3000 l/min

Voith Low consistency cleaner 600 2000 - 3000 l/min

Lamort Gyroclean GYT 4

Second hand Lamort Gyroclean GYT 4 for sale

Lamort Gyoclean GYT 4 GYT 4 360 - 440 m³/h

Low consistency cleaner station

Used cleaner station made in stainless steel

Consisting of 4 cleaner cones with approx 2000 l capacity each

Stock cons. 1 %

German manufacturer LC cleaner station ca 8000 l/min