Paper machine parts

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Wire suction boxes 4950 mm, as new

European Double wet suction box 4950 overall width 750 m/min

Pigment disperging machine CAVITRON - CD 1020

CAVITRON® machines for intensive mixing applications of liquid and disperse products in process technology. Based on rotor- / stator technology our rugged inlinedispersing machines are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, paper and food industries.


Softkalander 5100 mm

Available in June/July 2020.

The device was constantly maintained and revaluated.

Andritz Küsters Soft calander 5100 mm ca . 950 m/min

Dandy roll 3310 mm Kufferath

Dandy roll, Egoutteur made by Kufferath Type Akuform

Wire width: 3310 mm

Bearing distance: 3950 mm

V - min: 700 m /min

V - max: 1000 m/min

Diameter: 2000 mm



Kufferath Akuform 3310 mm 700 - 1000 m/min

Online coater BTG 3300

Second hand online coater made by  BTG for both side coating

Airfoil hood, and Airturn, a both side infrared dryhood as well as spare rolls are included in scope of supply. 

Manufacturer: BTG

Working width: 2900 mm

Roll width: 3300 mm

Speed: 900 m/min

Grammage range: 45- 100 g/m²

Coating:  5- 12 g/m²


BTG Both side coating 2900 net 3300 mm gross 900 m/min

Headbox Black Clawson 4560 mm tr. width.

Second hand headbox made by Black Clawson

Trimmed width: 4560 mm

Wire width:: 4953 mm

Grammage range: 105 - 230 g/m²

Stock cons: 1 - 1,5 %

V: 530 - 750 m/min



Black Clawson - wire width 4953 mm 530 - 750 m/min

Suction press roll 2850 mm

Suction press roll

Diameter: 698 mm

Cover: Gi

length: 3410 mm

drilled length: 2850 mm (possible up to 3250 mm)

hole: 4.0 mm

Bearing center distance: 3950 mm

rubber length: 3345 mm

Suction zone width: 100 mm

Speed: approx. 400 m / min

last use for tissue paper


Bellmer Suction press roll 2850 mm ca. 400 m/min

Dryers Black Clawson 2800 mm

Second hand / used dryers:

39 dryers, diam. 1220 mm, face width 2800 mm

working pressure: 5 bar

Black Clawson 2800 mm

Press section

Second hand / used press section:

1st press (Beloit):       Top roll diam. 550 mm, face width 2540 mm with ceramic covering

                                 Bottom roll diam. 550 mm,face width 2540 mm with blind drilled covering

2nd press (Gorostidi): Top roll diam. 790 mm, face width 2730 mm with ceramic covering

                                 Bottom roll diam. 800 mm, face width 3730 mm with blind drilled covering

3rd press (Gorostidi):  Top roll diam. 790 mm, face width 2730 mm with ceramic covering

                                Bottom roll diam. 800 mm, face width 2730 mm with blind drilles covering

Beloit / Gorostidi

Head Box Beloit 2660 mm

Second hand / used converflo hydraulic headbox.

It´s producing 2450 mm paper at 450 mpm.

Outlet width is 2660 mm.

Beloit Converflo hydraulic headbox Outlet width 2660 mm 450 m/min