Paper machine parts

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Wire guides

Used wire guides for sale

Rope tensioner

Unised rope tensioner in paper machine made by Allimand


Paper machine press rolls 2550 mm net width

4 units press rolls, rubber lined, made by Bellmer

2550 mm net width at pope reeler

weight per unit ca 15 tons


Bellmer 2550 x 1250 mm 2550 x 1250 mm net sizes 600 m/min

PM Coating Jagenberg 2800 mm with coating kitchen

Jagenberg 2800 mm 2800 mm

Brustwalzenschüttler Nyblad

Nyblad Breast roll shaker made by Nyblad

Drying cylinder BL 4115 mm

Second hand / used drying cylinder made by Voith
Operating pressure: 3.5 atm
Test pressure: 7 atm
Voith BL 4115 mm

Drying cylinders with framing 2300 mm

Dying cylinder with framing

Bale width: 2300 mm

Net width: ca 2100 mm

Reel diameter: 1250 mm and 1000 mm

V: 100 m/min


2300 mm bale width

Speedsizer Voith 4300 mm

Still in production. Available mid 2021

Voith Speedsizer 4300 mm 1000 m/min

Press rolls 500 x 2900 mm

rubber surface with approx 10 - 15 mm  thickness

Ø500/2900 mm

Wire suction boxes 4950 mm, as new

European Double wet suction box 4950 overall width 750 m/min