Paper machine parts

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Quality scanner 1560 mm made by Mahlo

Mahlo Quality scanner TOMS 10A ca 1560 mm

Drying section of paper machine 5 m net width 38 cylinder

Drying section of paper machine, 38 cylinders ink. framing, 5 m net width, 5 bar cylinder pressure

Beloit 5000 mm net width

UNUSED - Coating colour preparation plant - continuous disperger made by PGA

Application weight max. 3x14g/m² per side 
Solids consumption approx. 1,120 kg/h atro
Liquid volume approx. 750 l/min
Coating color composition 2x pigment; 2x binder; 6x chemicals
Application units Primer on two sides, top coat on one side
Circulation quantities 1-5m³/h per order side
Circulation filtering 150sqm

PGA Coating colour preparation with disperser

Softcalander Voith Ecosoft 4200 mm

Voith Softkalander for the paper machine working width of 4200 mm,


Softkalander type: Ecosoft  
Last use Grammage: 40 - 80 GSM  
Working width: 4200 mm  
Width Flexitherm roll: 4550 mm  
Widthnipco roll: 4350 mm  
Bearing distance: 5760 mm  
Zone qt Nipco roll: 8 pos. 3 neg  
Speed: 1500 m/min  
Line pressure: 10 - 150 daN/cm  
Surface temperature Flexithermal roll: 50 °C  
Temperature of inlet: 40 °C  
Inlet moisture: 6,5 - 7,25 %  
Cooling water temperature: max 28°C  
Cooling water pressure: min 3 bar/Ü  
Condensate: 3 bar /Ü  
Condensate temperature: max 40 - 50 °C  
Roll positions:    
upper roll: 1 Nipco roll Diameter 593 mm
Bottom roll: 1 Flexitherm roll Diameter 813 mm
Tension: 400 V  
Tension for frequency controlled drives: 400 V  
Frequence: 50 Hz  
Control tension: 230 V / 50 Hz PLC 24 DC
Voith Paper Ecosoft Calander 4200 mm 1500 m/min

Paper machine Softkalander 2850 mm

bearing distance 3550 mm

paper width is 2850mm

4 soft Kusters roll + 1 spare shell

3 Hard cast iron roll

control cabinet

equipped with a shell temperature control with automatic correction with cold air

stored in a warehouse

Hunt & Moscrop Softkalander paper width 2850

Drying cylinders 2750 mm bale length, 3 bar

2750 mm bale length, 3300 mm bearing distance 3 bar

Granite roll 700 x 3420 mm

700 x 3420 mm bale length

Headbox 2900 mm

Second hand / used Headbox

Slice width: 2.900 mm

Max. flow rate: 33.700 l/min

Min. flow rate: 13.800 l/min

Design speed 800 mpm

Max- min flow rate 33700 - 13800 l/min design speed: 800 m/min

Headbox Escher Wyss outlet width 2500 mm

Used headbox made by Escher Wyss. Outlet width 2500 mm

Escher Wyss 2500 mm outlet width

Press roll Voith 5900 mm

Second hand press rolls

Nominal diameter: 1230mm

Cover length: 5900mm

Bearing center distance: 6850mm

Weight: about 16.000kg

Voith 5900 mm