Paper machine parts

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Press rolls 500 x 2900 mm

rubber surface with approx 10 - 15 mm  thickness

Ø500/2900 mm

Calender 2800 mm

Second hand / used calender

Calendar used in a 2800 mm paper machine

Top (driven) calendar roll: 28''diam x 128'' face

Bottom (non driven) controlled crown calendar roll: 18'' diam x 128'' face

2800 mm

Drying cylinders with framing 2300 mm

Dying cylinder with framing

Bale width: 2300 mm

Net width: ca 2100 mm

Reel diameter: 1250 mm and 1000 mm

V: 100 m/min


2300 mm bale width

Headbox 2500 mm width

Headbox in good condition

Is in use for fluting approx 100 GSM

Made by Wolff Germany in year 1994

With automatic spindle adjustment

Cross flow distributor

Wolff Pressurized headbox 2500 mm net width 400m/min

Vacuum former Voith Sulzer

9 units second hand vacuum former:

Poduct:  White lined chipboard: GD2,GD3,GT2. Basis weight range 230-500 g/m2.

Wire width: 3630 mm

Slice width: 3400 mm

Sheet width at reel (pope roll): 3.200 mm

Max operating speed: 350m/min

Additional equipment for forming section like vertikal screens, suction rolls of Couch press, vakuum fans... can be available on demand

Voith Sulzer Saugformer 3630 mm

Pope reeler Voith 3300 mm

Second hand / used pope reeler for a 3300 mm paper width

Max. reel diam: 2200mm

Speed: 600 mpm

Voith 3300 mm

Top former Voith

Second hand / used top former

Wire width: 4400mm

Voith 4400 mm wire width

Pope reeler 2800 mm

Used Pope reeler for tissue paper machine:

working width: 2800 mm -possible max. 3100 mm

cylinder width: 3200 mm

cylinder diameter: 800 mm

speed max.: 1100 m /Min


Voith 2800 mm 1100 m / Min

Wire suction roll, refurbished

Second hand / used wire suction roll, refurbished

L: 3000 mm holed width

Hole diameter: 7 mm

Da: 743 mm

Shell width: 3350 mm

bearing distance: 3850 mm

Suction width to adjust: 2800 / 3000 mm

Voith 2800 - 3000 mm 600 m/min

Yankee Cylinder Voith

Second hand / used yankee cylinder

Diameter: 5000mm

Lengh: 5780mm

Pressure: up to 4,6 bar

Remaining wall thickness: 25 - 26mm

Free of cracks

Documentation available

Voith 5000 x 5780 mm