Paper machine parts

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Press section

Second hand / used press section:

1st press (Beloit):       Top roll diam. 550 mm, face width 2540 mm with ceramic covering

                                 Bottom roll diam. 550 mm,face width 2540 mm with blind drilled covering

2nd press (Gorostidi): Top roll diam. 790 mm, face width 2730 mm with ceramic covering

                                 Bottom roll diam. 800 mm, face width 3730 mm with blind drilled covering

3rd press (Gorostidi):  Top roll diam. 790 mm, face width 2730 mm with ceramic covering

                                Bottom roll diam. 800 mm, face width 2730 mm with blind drilles covering

Beloit / Gorostidi

Dryer section 2580 x 1220 mm

Second Hand / used dryer section:

Units: 26

Diameter: 1220mm

Face width: 2580mm

Tested for 10 bar pressure

Complete with framings, rolls, tensioneers...

2580 mm x 1220 mm

Yankee Cylinder Voith

Second hand / used yankee cylinder

Diameter: 5000mm

Lengh: 5780mm

Pressure: up to 4,6 bar

Remaining wall thickness: 25 - 26mm

Free of cracks

Documentation available

Voith 5000 x 5780 mm

Dandy roll 3310 mm Kufferath

Dandy roll, Egoutteur made by Kufferath Type Akuform

Wire width: 3310 mm

Bearing distance: 3950 mm

V - min: 700 m /min

V - max: 1000 m/min

Diameter: 2000 mm



Kufferath Akuform 3310 mm 700 - 1000 m/min

Combiblade coating unit 3800 mm

Combiblade 3800 mm 3800 mm

Dryers Black Clawson 2800 mm

Second hand / used dryers:

39 dryers, diam. 1220 mm, face width 2800 mm

working pressure: 5 bar

Black Clawson 2800 mm

Machine calander Küsters 2400 mm

Second hand /used complete machine calander from manufacturer Küsters Type: Mat - ON -LINE

Bearing distance: 3150 mm

Line pressure PL: 200 daN/cm

construction speed: 300 m/min

Drive: ca 46 Kw

Complete width hydraulic station

Spare rolls

Küsters MAT-ON-LINE 2400 mm 300 m/min

Wire suction boxes 4950 mm, as new

European Double wet suction box 4950 overall width 750 m/min

Headbox Black Clawson 4560 mm tr. width.

Second hand headbox made by Black Clawson

Trimmed width: 4560 mm

Wire width:: 4953 mm

Grammage range: 105 - 230 g/m²

Stock cons: 1 - 1,5 %

V: 530 - 750 m/min



Black Clawson - wire width 4953 mm 530 - 750 m/min

Vacuum former Voith Sulzer

9 units second hand vacuum former:

Poduct:  White lined chipboard: GD2,GD3,GT2. Basis weight range 230-500 g/m2.

Wire width: 3630 mm

Slice width: 3400 mm

Sheet width at reel (pope roll): 3.200 mm

Max operating speed: 350m/min

Additional equipment for forming section like vertikal screens, suction rolls of Couch press, vakuum fans... can be available on demand

Voith Sulzer Saugformer 3630 mm