Paper machine parts

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Drying cylinder BL 4115 mm

Second hand / used drying cylinder made by Voith
Operating pressure: 3.5 atm
Test pressure: 7 atm
Voith BL 4115 mm

Headbox 3060 mm outlet width

Outlet width: 3060 mm

Last product: Decor paper

Grammage range: 40 -140 g

Speed:100-250 m/min

Manufacturer: Hogenkamp Germany

Hogenkamp 3000 mm 90 t/24h

Yankee cylinder

Yankee cylinder:

manufacturer: east european licensed by Voith

year of manufacturing: 1982

size: 2330 mm

diam.: 3000 mm

design pressure: 4 kg/ cm 2

operating pressure: 6kg/ cm2

section thickness: 50 mm


East european licensed by Voith Yankee 2330 mm x 3000 mm

Press rolls 500 x 2900 mm

rubber surface with approx 10 - 15 mm  thickness

Ø500/2900 mm

Pigment disperging machine CAVITRON - CD 1020

CAVITRON® machines for intensive mixing applications of liquid and disperse products in process technology. Based on rotor- / stator technology our rugged inlinedispersing machines are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, paper and food industries.


Speedsizer Voith 4300 mm

Still in production. Available mid 2021

Voith Speedsizer 4300 mm 1000 m/min

Pope reeler 2800 mm

Used Pope reeler for tissue paper machine:

working width: 2800 mm -possible max. 3100 mm

cylinder width: 3200 mm

cylinder diameter: 800 mm

speed max.: 1100 m /Min


Voith 2800 mm 1100 m / Min