Thickener / Dewatering / Washer

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Disc thickener Kufferath 7 discs

used disc thickener made by Kufferath with 7  discs and diameter of approx 175 cm

Kufferath Disc thickener diam 175 cm 7discs

Ascending screw thickener Lamort / Licart

Inlet consistency:

min: 1,2 %

Optimal: 4 %

Max: 7 %

Outlet consistency:


Optimal: 12 %

Max: 20 % and more depending of pulp

Lamort - Licart Ascending screw thickener M16

Drum thickener 1,25 x 3 m refurbished

Used drum thickener made by company Wandel in refurbished condition.

Drum size 1,25 x 3 m


Wandel Drum thickener 1,25 x 3 m

Disc Filter Hedemora 3,66 m

Second hand / used disc filter with 20 discs

Manufacturer: Hedemora

Size: 3,66 m

Hedemora 3,66 m

Disc thickener made by Kufferath with 1 double disc

Kufferath Disc thickener Disc diameter ca 2 m

Segments for disc filter Hedemora VDF 5,0

80 units of used segments for disc filter hedemora 5.0

Hedemora VDF 5,0

Drum thickener Finckh 4 m x 1,25 m

Drum thickener to refurbish

Finckh Drum thickener 4 m x 1,25 m

Wire Press Bellmer Turbodrain

Second hand / used sludge thickener

Manufacturer: Bellmer

Type: Turbodrain

Turbodrain size: TDC 08

Sieve width: 800 mm

Sieve length: 4650 mm

Seepex pump

Complete with drive

Bellmer Turbodrain TDC 08

Compact Washer Voith

Compact Washer for wash deinking made by Voith. Width 2460 mm,


Wash deinking
Wash deinking consists of a washing stage where dispersants are added to wash out the printing inks. When the pulp slurry is dewatered (thickened), the medium to fine particles are washed out. This process is most useful for removing particles smaller than about 30 µm, like water-based inks, fillers, coating particles, fines and micro stickies. This process is more common when making deinked pulp for tissue.

Voith Compact Washer up to 9000 l/min

Disc Filter Celleco Hedemora

Capacity: 500 kg/h

Feed consistency: 0,1 - 1%

Feed CSF 10 - 700 ml

Dewatered consistency 2,0 - 3,5 %

Celleco Hedemora CDS 8 / 250 ca 500 kg /h