Thickener / Dewatering / Washer

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Screw press for pulp Celleco CHS 650 H

second hand screw press for pulp Celleco CHS 650 H  for sale


Manufacturer:                                          Celleco Hedemora

Type:                                                     CHS 650 H

Capacity:                                               min.  190 tpd

ngoing concentration:                             8 %

Outgoing concentration:                          min 35  %

Electric Motor:                                       ABB M2BA 315 CMS 160 kW; 1500 rpm; 500 V

With Frequency converter:                      ABB Acs 607-0260-5

Celleco Hedemora CHS 650 H - 190 ADTPD

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 500 - 22

Used reject press made by Kufferath Type Akupress A  500

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm screw diameter

Disc thickener Kufferath 7 discs

used disc thickener made by Kufferath with 7  discs and diameter of approx 175 cm

Kufferath Disc thickener diam 175 cm 7discs

Screw Press Sudor 200

Second hand / used screw press Sudor 200 with Kadant / Lamort ascending pre thickener

Sudor 200 200t/24h

Reject Compaktor scew diameter 550 mm

Screw compaktor 550 mm screw diameter

Belt press Voith 2350 mm width

Inlet consitency approx:  8 %

Outlet consitency approx:  30 %

Voith Belt press for pulp 2350 mm 150 t/day

High Speed Twin Roll Washer

High Speed Twin Roll Washer:

Working width: 2000mm

Inlet consistency: 0,8-1,5%

Outlet consistency: 10-15%

Capacity: 70-80tpd

Ash Removal: > 90%

Twin roll washer 2000mm 70-80 tpd

Screw press inclined

Unused inclined screw press:

Size: 5"

Basket: 0,5mm drilled holes

Wire Press Bellmer Turbodrain

Second hand / used sludge thickener

Manufacturer: Bellmer

Type: Turbodrain

Turbodrain size: TDC 08

Sieve width: 800 mm

Sieve length: 4650 mm

Seepex pump

Complete with drive

Bellmer Turbodrain TDC 08

Disc Filter Hedemora 3,66 m

Second hand / used disc filter with 20 discs

Manufacturer: Hedemora

Size: 3,66 m

Hedemora 3,66 m