Thickener / Dewatering / Washer

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Screw press inclined

Unused inclined screw press:

Size: 5"

Basket: 0,5mm drilled holes

Screw Press Sudor 200

Second hand / used screw press Sudor 200 with Kadant / Lamort ascending pre thickener

Sudor 200 200t/24h

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 500 - 22

Used reject press made by Kufferath Type Akupress A  500

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm screw diameter

Hedemora belt press for pulp 100 t/day

Used Hedemora belt press for pulp 100 t/day for sale

Caoacity: 100 - 150 t/day

Onlet con: 3 - 4 %

Outlet: min 30 %

Made in stainless steel


Hedemora Belt press - 100 - 150 ADTPD

Belt press Voith 2350 mm width

Inlet consitency approx:  8 %

Outlet consitency approx:  30 %

Voith Belt press for pulp 2350 mm 150 t/day

Small Thickener ca 2 x 1 m drum size

Wandel ca 2 m x ca 1 m

Screw press for pulp Celleco CHS 650 H

second hand screw press for pulp Celleco CHS 650 H  for sale


Manufacturer:                                          Celleco Hedemora

Type:                                                     CHS 650 H

Capacity:                                               min.  190 tpd

ngoing concentration:                             8 %

Outgoing concentration:                          min 35  %

Electric Motor:                                       ABB M2BA 315 CMS 160 kW; 1500 rpm; 500 V

With Frequency converter:                      ABB Acs 607-0260-5

Celleco Hedemora CHS 650 H - 190 ADTPD

Compact Washer Voith

Compact Washer for wash deinking made by Voith in very good condition. Width 2460 mm,


Wash deinking
Wash deinking consists of a washing stage where dispersants are added to wash out the printing inks. When the pulp slurry is dewatered (thickened), the medium to fine particles are washed out. This process is most useful for removing particles smaller than about 30 µm, like water-based inks, fillers, coating particles, fines and micro stickies. This process is more common when making deinked pulp for tissue.

Voith Compact Washer up to 9000 l/min

Disc Filter Gl+V 3,2 m 20 discs

second hand / used disc filter in very good condition, stainless steel version.


GL+V Disc filter 3,2 m diameter 20 discs -

Disc thickener Kufferath 7 discs

used disc thickener made by Kufferath with 7  discs and diameter of approx 175 cm

Kufferath Disc thickener diam 175 cm 7discs