Reject handling / Reject thickening

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 250

Used screw press made by company Kufferath in overall good condition, with drive and gearbox,

Drive power 15 KW


Kufferath Akupress A 250 250 mm

Kufferath Akupress A 500 with additional press section as spare part

Used reject press, screw press made by Kufferath

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm

Reject distribution station for 2 Container

Station which distributes drained rejects into 2 containers.

Consisting of Reject Transport screw, framing, Distribution station, catwalks, stairs.

Vecoplan VFB 800

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 500 refurbished - new screen plates

Used reject press made by Kufferath, type Akupress A 500 in refurbished condition with unused screen plates.

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm screw diameter

Reject press Beltec 601

Used reject press Beltec 601

Beltec 601 600 mm screw diameter