Refiner / Double disc refiner / conical refiner

Second hand double disc refiner, conical refiner, drum refiner from different manufacturers like Voith, Andritz, Escher Wyss, Metso, Black Clawson, Beloit, Sprout Waldron,

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Double disc refiner Black Clawson twin Hydradisc refurbished

Double disc refiner Black Clawson Twin Hydradisc in refurbished condition

Black Clawson Twin Hydradisc 20 - 60 t/24 h

Conflo Refiner JC 00

Used Conflo refiner in overall good condition. With motor

Sunds Defibrator JC 00 5 - 50 t/day

Refiner Dörries C 60 K in refurbished condition

Used Refiner Dörries C 60 K in refurbished condition

Dörries C 60 K 60

Conical refiner Voith R 2

Second hand conical reffiner made by Voith Type R 2

Voith 2 R 15 - 40 t/24h

Conical Refiner Conflo JC 01

Sunds Jylhävaara JC 01 JC 01

Voith 2R conical refiner

Voith 2 R 2

Spare parts for Escher Wyss DSR 2 Refiner

1 x Flender gearbox which is in as new condition. Gearbox was never installed  RPM N1: 1485  N2: 609,8

2 x bearings NUB Z 324

1 x sleeve for main shaft

1 x shaft for stator (not main shaft)

1 x stator

1 x coupling

2 x set of unused fillings 10 Degress knife angle for cutting, not defibrillating use

Escher Wyss DSR 2 2

Conical refiner Voith 1 R

Second hand conical Refiner Voith 1 R

Voith 1 R 6 - 25 t/24h

High consistency refiner Cellwood Krima

Used high consistency refiner made by Cellwood machinery type Krima KR 1050.

Cellwood Krima High consitency Refiner KR / KD 1050 125 - 400 t

Double disc refiner Voith 1 SDM

Used double disc refiner from manufacturer Voith Type 1 SDM

Voith 1 SDM