Vibrating screens

The vibratiing screen is a universally applicable machine for sorting almost all fibrous materials. It works without pressure and is usually used in the waste paper preparation as the last stage of the sorting process or, in the case of groundwood, as a coarse sorter for sorting out chips.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Vibrating screen Voith 1000 K

Used vibrating screen made by Voith type 1000 K in stainless steel version


Voith 1000 K 1,5 m²

Vibration screen Voith 1000 K

Used vibration screen Voith 1000 K

Voith 1000 K 1,5 m²

Vibrating screen Johnson

Second hand / used screen in Stainless steel version, Approx 1,5 m² screen area

Johnson Vibrating screen approx 1,5 m²

Horizontal pressure screen Voith 500K

Second hand /used horizontal pressure screen Voith 500K

Hole diameter: 1,5mm

Voith 500K

Vibrating Screen Finkh E 1

Finckh E 1 0,7 m²