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Refurbishment of vacuum pumps

You receive from us used vacuum pumps from manufacturer Nash and Voith optional including overhauling / refurbishment.

The overhauls are executed by specialists with 25 years of experience.

Each reconditioned pump is certified prior to delivery on a test run.

Nash / Voith All types All sizes

Vacuum pump Nash CL 3002

Second hand vacuum pump Nash CL 3002


Nash 3002 3002

Vacuum Pump Voith 12 E

Vacuum Pump:

manufacturer: Voith

type: 12E

Voith 12E

Vacuum Pump Voith 8 E

Vacuum Pump:

manufacturer: Voith

type: 8 E

Voith 8E

Vacuum pump Siemens Elmo 2BE1353-0

Stainless steel lined

Refurbished 2009, after 3 years running

Siemens 2BE1353-0