Vacuum pumps

In this category you will find used vacuum pumps of all common manufacturers and all types, for example used Nash vacuum pumps or used Siemens vacuum pumps. You receive vacuum pumps optionally including overhauling.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Vacuum pump Baratti / Estkom ATM05 V4-B

Type: ATM05 V4-B Var. 01-08 (9 pieces)

Year of construction: 4x 2020, 2x 2019, 4x 2018, 4x new, 5x used

Type: ATM05 V4-B KR Var. 01-02 (1 piece)

Year of construction: 2019, used

Vacuum: 100mbar

Flow rate: 345m³/h, 50Hz, 3KW, 400V, 2950 l/min

General technical data:

Max. pressure difference in fine vacuum operation: 100 mbar final pressure at 0.5 mbar. Fore-vacuum: 0.01 mabr abs. Possible fan speed range: 1500- 5000 rpm Suction volume: 80 to 550m³/h Suction volume: 80 to 550m³/h Suction volume at 2950 rpm: 320 m³/h.

Baratti ATM05 V4-B 345m³/h