Vacuum pumps

In this category you will find used vacuum pumps of all common manufacturers and all types, for example used Nash vacuum pumps or used Siemens vacuum pumps. You receive vacuum pumps optionally including overhauling.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Vacuumpump Baratti Atmos V4-B

4 x Vacuumpumps: as new

Type: Atmos V4-B Var. 01-08

Year: 2017- 2020's


5 x Vacuumpumps: used

Type: Atmos V4-B Var. 01-08

Year: 2017- 2020's


1 x Vacuumpump: used

Type: Atmos V4-B Var. 01-02

Year: 2017- 2020's


Vacuum: 100mbar

Flow rate: 345m³/h

50 Hz, 3 KW, 400 V, 2950 l/min

Baratti Atmos V4-B

Hibon pump HHLV140

Hibon is complete for installation (motor, valves, vacuum tank, pulley)

Hibon HHLV 140

Vacuum pump Nash CL 3002

Second hand vacuum pump Nash CL 3002


Nash 3002 3002

Vacuum pump Siemens Elmo 2BE1353-0

Stainless steel lined

Refurbished 2009, after 3 years running

Siemens 2BE1353-0

Vacuum Pump Nash 2BE1606-1EY3-Z

second hand / used vacuum pump Nash 2BE1606-1EY3-Z

without motor

Nash 2BE1606-1EY3-Z

Vacuum pump Siemens 2BE 3526-2BY 4-Z

Used  Siemens vacuum pump in good condition

Siemens 2BE 3526-2BY 4-Z

Vacuum pump 140 m3/min Northpump

Liquid ring vacuum pump, brand NORTHPUMP BETA-901 series (801-H)
Pump refurbished with new heads, cones and caps.
Capacity: 140 m3/min
RPM: 417
Water consumption liquid ring: 150 l/min
Pressure: 760 mm Hg
Material: Steel

Northpump BETA - 901 140 m3/min

Vaccum pump CUTES CVP - 50 L- FCD DN

Used vacuum pump made by Cutes Type CVP - 50 L- FCD DN

1400 m³

below 400 mm HG


CUTES CVP - 50 L- FCD DN 1400 m³

Original Nash Vacuum pump CL 3002 refurbished

Second-hand vacuum pump from manufacturer Nash available in refurbished condition.

Type: CL 3002

Nash CL 3002 CL3002 60 - 100 m³ /min

Vacuum pump Hibon hhlv 50

Used Vacuum pump Hibon hhlv 50

Hibon HHLV 50 50 1000 - 4500 m³ /h