PM Calender

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Softkalander 5100 mm

Available in June/July 2020.

The device was constantly maintained and revaluated.

Andritz Küsters Soft calander 5100 mm ca . 950 m/min

Calender 2800 mm

Second hand / used calender

Calendar used in a 2800 mm paper machine

Top (driven) calendar roll: 28''diam x 128'' face

Bottom (non driven) controlled crown calendar roll: 18'' diam x 128'' face

2800 mm

Küsters calender 2500mm

Second hand / used Küsters calender:

including hydraulic unit and 2 spare rolls

Bale length: 2500mm

speed of construction: 400m/min

paper weight: 32-200g/m²

power: 50kW

Weight: 20To.

Kusters 2500mm

Machine calander Küsters 2400 mm

Second hand /used complete machine calander from manufacturer Küsters Type: Mat - ON -LINE

Bearing distance: 3150 mm

Line pressure PL: 200 daN/cm

construction speed: 300 m/min

Drive: ca 46 Kw

Complete width hydraulic station

Spare rolls

Küsters MAT-ON-LINE 2400 mm 300 m/min

PM Nipko Softkalander 4200 mm

Voith Nipko Softkalander for the working width of 4200 mm,


Softkalander type: Ecosoft  
Last use Grammage: 40 - 80 GSM  
Working width: 4200 mm  
Width Flexitherm roll: 4550 mm  
Widthnipco roll: 4350 mm  
Bearing distance: 5760 mm  
Zone qt Nipco roll: 8 pos. 3 neg  
Speed: 1500 m/min  
Line pressure: 10 - 150 daN/cm  
Surface temperature Flexithermal roll: 50 °C  
Temperature of inlet: 40 °C  
Inlet moisture: 6,5 - 7,25 %  
Cooling water temperature: max 28°C  
Cooling water pressure: min 3 bar/Ü  
Condensate: 3 bar /Ü  
Condensate temperature: max 40 - 50 °C  
Roll positions:    
upper roll: 1 Nipco roll Diameter 593 mm
Bottom roll: 1 Flexitherm roll Diameter 813 mm
Tension: 400 V  
Tension for frequency controlled drives: 400 V  
Frequence: 50 Hz  
Control tension: 230 V / 50 Hz PLC 24 DC
Scope of supply is 1 kalander without spare rolls  
Voith Softkalander 4200 mm working width 1500m/min