Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Guillotine Polar Mohr 76 EM

Polar Mohr 76 EM 76 cm

Guillotine Wohlenberg MCS 3 115

Used Guillotine made by Wohlenberg Typ MCS 3  115

Wohlenberg MCS 3 - 115 115 cm

Guillotine Polar Mohr 76 cm

Polar Mohr 76 SDP 76 cm

Cutting machine massicot Wohlenberg 1150 mm

Hydraulic paper cutter with digital control panel with 999 programs (each with 99 steps and ejection function) and digital readout with monitor, hydraulic pressing and cutting. Work bed with air supply and extra large side table (also with air supply). All relevant safety devices (IR bars, monitors, 2-hand control, sensors). 1 spare knife, manuals and tools.
Max. size: 1150 mm
Min. size: 20 mm
Max. hair height: 120 mm.
Min. - max. pressure: 150-1500 daN
Electrical 380 V, three phase, 50 Hz. 11.8 A, 4.3 kW.
Dimensions of 1 machine pallet: 230x200x175 cm - 3.000 kgs

Wohlenberg 115 MCS-2TV

Longitudinal cutter LS 1300

Second hand /used slitter LS 1300

Material passage max.: 1350 mm

Working width max.: 1300 mm

Depth of the feed table: 850 mm

Speed of the cross ruler for automatic feeding: 4

Speed of the cutter head: 35 rpm

Cutter diameter: 100 mm

Speed of passage of the cardboards: 30 cm /sec.

Smallest size normal: 80 x 55 mm

Smallest size with special knife: 80 x 25 mm

Connected power: 1,5 kW

Number of pairs of circular knives: 8


LS1300 1300mm

Guillotine Perfecta S167

Guillotine made by Perfecta in well maintained and working condition.

With rear table

With light beam safety device

Power: 9,5 kW

Perfecta S167 167 cm

Guillotine Polar Mohr 137

Polar Mohr 137 1370

Guillotine Perfecta SEYPA 92-4

Used Guillotine Perfecta SEYPA 92-4

Perfecta SEYPA 92-4