Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Embossing calender 1200 mm

Second hand embossing calender:

Design speed: max 540 m/min

Production speed: 450 - 500 m/min

Design linear load: 20 - 220 N/mm

Production linear load: 70 N/mm

Working width max.: 1.200 mm

Roll weight max.: 1.200 kg

Outer diameter: Unwind max. 1.040 mm, winding max. 1.060 mm


Creating a linen or diagonal structure on the paper surface using an engraved steel cylinder

Embossing depth approx. 20µm

5 cylinders

Top and bottom cylinders S-Roller

Second and fourth cylinders Nomex (elastic mantle): 9 cylinders stored in different conditions of use

Embossing cylinder in the middle: 2 linen and 1 diagonal design stored

Shaftless winding

Haubold Embossing calender 1200 mm

Embossing calander Kleinewefers 1400 mm

KLEINEWEFERS two-roller embossing calender K 80/2

Modernized in 1977

For embossing normal paper and PE-coated paper with a basis weight of 150 - 275 g/m2

Roller arrangement:
Above: Drive: 1 steel roller (intended for engraving) 320 mm
1 elastic special counter roller
(ELASTODUR) 670 mm diameter
Below: 1 steel roller (smooth roller) 330 mm

Roller surface width 1,500 mm
Working width 1,400 mm
Total pressure capacity max. 90,000 kg
mech. Working speed 10 - 100 m/min
Power requirement 38 kW
Roll diameter 1,500 mm
Sleeve diameter inside: 150 mm
Case diameter outside 180 mm
Voltage 220/380V, 50Hz

Kleinewefers K 80 /2 1400 mm working width 100 m/min